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NVIDIA Anti-Aliasing guide

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HERE you will find flags for games i will try to update the thread as possible

first download NV inspector you will find here

then i am attaching a pic you will see what you have to do if you had any problems plz share

7554 - 0x00000000* (Shader Mode - Very Low)

Adam's venture 2 - 0x080100C5

Adam's venture 3: Revelations - 0x28020041 (MSAA, TrSSAA) or 0x080000C1 (SGSSAA, OGSSAA)

Afterfall insanity - 0x080100C5

Alcatraz - 0x00000041

Alice madness returns - 0x00000024

Alien Breed 1 2 & 3 - 0x00000041

Aliens vs. Predator - 0x004030C1

Alpha Protocol - 0x00000041

Americas Army 3 - 0x00000041

Amnesia - 0x0000F0C1

Arcania: Gothic 4 - 0x00002044

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - 0x000012C1

Assassin's creed revelations - 0x000012C1

BLUR - 0x00008045

Back to the future series - 0x00000041

Batman: Arkham Asylum - 0x000010C1

Batman: Arkham City (DX9) - 0x004040C1

Battlefield 2 - 0x40000000

Battlefield 2 Bad Company - 0x004010C1

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (DX9) - 0x004030C1

Binary Domain - 0x00400046 (MSAA, resolutions 1440p and below) or 0x00401246 (MSAA&SGSSAA) *some artifacts

Bionic Commando - 0x004030C1 or 0x00421041

Blacksite: Area 51 - 0x00020001 (MSAA, TrSSAA) or 0x000200C1 (SGSSAA; OGSSAA) or 0x000200C1 (OGSSAA+MSAA)

Blades of Time - 0x004012C5 (SGSSAA)

Bloodline Champions - 0x00001241 (MSAA, TrSSAA) or 0x000012C1 (SGSSAA, OGSSAA) 0x000D12C1 (MSAA+OGSSAA)

Borderlands - 0x080010C1

Borderlands 2 - 0x200012C1 (SGSSAA)

Brawl Busters - 0x004110C1 (MSAA, TrSSAA, OGSSAA) or 0x004010C4 (SGSSAA)

Brink - 0x0000F0C1

Bulletstorm - 0X080100C5 or 0x08009CC5

Call of Duty: Black Ops - 0x000010C1 or 0x00000041

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 0x000010C1

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - 0x0000F0C1 or 0x00411245 or 0x000010C5

Chernobyl terrorist attack - 0x00001041

Choplifter HD - 0×00000045

Costume Quest - 0x000032C1 (MSAA,TrSSAA) or 0x000012C1 (SGSSAA)

Crazy Machines Elements - 0x000032C1 (MSAA) or 0x000012C1 (OGSSAA)

Crysis 2 - 0x000012C1 (SGSSAA)

Cursed crusade - 0x000012C1

Dark Sector - 0x004000C0

Darkness II - 0x004000C1 (MSAA, SGSSAA, OGSSAA)

Darksiders - 0x00001201

Darksiders II - 0x000012C1 (SGSSAA* no character in menus) or 0x00001245 (fixes death not appearing in menus, might only work in MSAA)

Darksouls - 0x004000C0

Darkspore - 0x000030C1

Dead Island - 0x000010C1

Dead Rising 2 - 0x00000041

Dead Space 1 - 0x004030C0 or 0x004010C0

Dead Space 2 - 0x004030C0 or 0x00411245

Deathspank - 0x00002045 or 0x004000C1

Deep Black - 0x004000C1

Defense Grid: The Awakening - 0x000010C0

Deus Ex Human Revolution - 0x004100C0 (Performance) or 0x004030C0 (Quality) or 0x004000C0 (SGSSAA)

Diablo III - 0x004412C1 (MSAA, TSSAA, SGSSAA)

Disney universe - 0x004032C0 (MSAA, TrSSAA) or 0x004012C0 (OGSSAA, SGSSAA)

Divinity 2 dragon saga - 0x0000F0C1

Divinity II: Ego Draconis - 0x0000F0C1

Doctor Who The Adventure Games - 0x00411245

Dragon Age Origins - 0x004010C0

Dragon age - 0x0000F0C1

Dragon Nest - 0x20000041

Drains - 0x000100C5

Drakensang Dark Eye - 0x00000041

Drakensang River of Time - 0x00000041

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - 0x080100C5

Driver San Francisco - 0x00000001

Empire: Total War - 0x00400245

FUEL - 0x00011241 or 0x000112C1 (removes blur)

Fable 3 - 0x004000C

Faery: Legends of Avalon - 0x004030C0 (MSAA, TrSSAA) or 0x004000C0 (SGSSAA)

Fallout new vegas - 0x0000F0C1

Far Cry 2 - 0x00100000

First templar - 0x004000C0

Ford Racing 3 - 0x000000C0

Fuel - 0x000112C1

Garshasp - 0x00000041

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 - 0x00001241

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime - 0x00001244

Gothic III (no HDR) - 0x00001041 or 0x00001041

Grand Theft Auto IV - 0x00400040 (minimap and phone)

Guild Wars 2 - 0x00401240

Half Life 2 - 0x004010C1 or 0x400010D9

Homefront - 0x000012C1 or 0x00000041

Im Not Alone - 0x00000041

Imagine Flight Simulator - 0x00000800

James Bond: Blood Stone - 0x00000041

Jurassic Park - 0x20000241 (Performance) or 0x200032C1 (Quality) or 0x200002C1 (SGSSAA)

Kane & Lynch 2 : Dog days - 0x000010C1

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - 0x000010C1

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - 0x200032C1 (4xMSAA) or 0x000012C1 (OGSS SSAA)

L.A. NOIRE - 0x004000C1 or 0x00411245

LEGO Batman - 0x00421041

LEGO Harry Potter - 0x00421041

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - 0x004032C1 (artifacts) or 0x204030C0 (3x3 supersampling)

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga - 0x000012C1

LEGO Star Wars III: Clone Wars - 0x004030C1

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office - 0x0000F0C1

Mafia II - 0x000d02c4

Magicka - 0x000012C0 (SGSSAA)

Mass Effect - 0x000010C1

Mass Effect 2 - 0x08009CC5 or 0x000100C5

Mass Effect 3 - 0x080100C5 (MSAA) or 0x000000C1 (SGSSAA)

Medal of Honor (2010) - 0x000010C1 or 0x00000041 or 0x000030C1 or 0x00020041

Medal of Honor (multiplayer - DX9) - 0x004030C11

Mirror's Edge - 0x004010C1

Monday night combat - 0x000100C5

NFS Shift 2 Unleashed - 0x000010C1 or 004110C1

NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 - 0x004010C5

NFS Shift - 0x000010C1

Nail'd - 0x0000F0C1

Napoleon: Total War - 0x00400245

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit - 0x004010C5

Need for Speed: Shift II - 0x000010C1

Operation flashpoint red river - 0x004032C1 or 0x004010C0

PURE - 0x004102C1

Painkiller: Redemption - 0x00000041

Payday The Heist - 0x00401241 (Performance) or 0x004412C1 (Performance/Quality) or 0x004032C1 (Quality) or 0x004012C1 (SGSSAA)

Portal - 0x004010C1

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem - 0x000030C1

Prey - 0x0000F0C1

Prototype 2 - 0x004012C5 (SGSSAA) or 0x004012C1 (no need for ingame AA on)

Red faction 4 - 0x004000C1

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - 0x004032C1 (SGSSAA Quality) or 0x004110C1 (Performance)

Risen 2 - 0x000012C1 (maybe? SGSSAA) or 0x004812C5 (MSAA + SGSSAA)

Roboblitz - 0x08020205

Rock of Ages - 0x080100C5 (MSAA, TrSSAA) or 0x080000C1 (OGSSAA; SGSSAA) or 0x080100C1 (OGSSAA+MSAA)

SAW - 0x080100C1

SWTOR - 0x004010C0

Saboteur - 0x00411245

Samuria vengeance 2 - 0x004000C1

Saw: The Video Game - 0x080100C5 (TrSSAA) or 0x000000C1 (SGSSAA)

Section 8 prejudice - 0x000012C1

Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops - 0x004032C1

Shaun White Snowboarding - 0x004010C1

Shogun 2: Total war - 0x004030C0

Shrek forever after - 0x000100C5

SilentHill Homecoming - 0x20000301 (MSAA) or 0x200012C1 (SGSSAA)

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I & II - 0x000012C1

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - 0x00411245

Sonic Generations - 0x00411245 (SSAA) or 0x084112C5 (SGSSAA) or 0x02100001 (SLI)

Spiderman: Shattered Dimension - 0x004110C1

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - 0x00000001

Stalker: Shadows of Chernobyl - 0x0000D0C1

Stalker Series - 0x00001041

Starcraft II - 0x000010C1

Star wars: Force unleashed - 0x00000245

Steam Slug - 0x080100C5

Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 - 0x000012C1

Stoked: Big Air Edition - 0x204C12C1 (Quality MSAA) or 0x204812C1 (Performance MSAA) or 0x204012C1 (TrSSAA, SGSSAA, SSAA)

Tera Online - 0x000010C1

Terminator: Salvation - 0x004110C1 or 0x004030C1

Test Drive Unlimited - 0x00001005

The Amazing Spiderman - 00401045 (Glitchy performance) 0x004110C1 (SGSSAA)

The Ball - 0x080100c5

The Witcher - 0x000010C1

Thief 3 Deadly shadows - 0x0000F0C1 (bloom enabled)

Timeshift - 0x004010C4

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD - 0x080000C1 or 0x000012C1 (SGSSAA )

Torchlight 2 - 0x20000245

Toy Story 3 - 0x000030C1

Trackmania 2: Canyon - 0x004032C5 (white line on horizon) 0x00700045 (SLI)

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - 0x000012C1 or 0x00000245

Transformers: War for Cybertron - 0x00000245

Treasure Island - 0x00000041

Tron - 0x000100C5

Two Worlds II - 0x000012C4 (SGSSAA)

Undergarden - 0x0000F0C1

Viva Pinata - 0x0000F0C1 or 0x00411245

Walking Dead - 0x200002C1 (SGSSAA)

Wanted: Weapons of Fate - 0x004032C1

War for Cybertron - 0x00000245

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine - 0x00001241 (MSAA/TrSSAA) or 0x000012C1 (SGSSAA; OGSSAA) or 0x000112C1 (OGSSAA+MSAA)

Warp - 0x00000020

Wolfenstein (2010) - 0x000030C1 or 0x000010C1 or 0x004010C1

World in Conflict - 0x00000080

Two worlds 2 - 0x000012C4

If your game is not listed and uses the Unreal 2.5 or 3 engine, try


If your game is not listed and uses the ID tech 4 engine, try


If your game is not listed and uses OpenGL, try


And finally, if you do not see your game, and tried other work arounds, try using the

there is another active thread here but i will try to update regularly but cant promise anything XD


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Some people will surely find this interesting.

BTW, when you upload the image, you can click Add to Post so that the picture will be placed exactly where you want it to be.


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