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[SevenForums] Samsung 850 Pro Bricked With EXM02B6Q Firmware

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[sevenForums] Samsung 850 Pro Bricked With EXM02B6Q Firmware



Warning for those with a nice 850 Pro not to update your firmware for while and especially with Magician utility until Samsung irons out the issue that affects a small number of people. Would even extend that to everyone else, wait for any issues to materialise or stick with your existing firmware. Initially I was in disbelief that Samsung could have another major issue on their hands but as word spread it became apparent all was not well, Samsung removed the new firmware and are investigating.



Many images show bricked SSDs (source Facebook group)


If Samsung's own firmware bricked your SSD, get in contact with them for a replacement, it's not your fault it no longer works. It is however up to you to ensure your data is backed up regularly and especially before firmware updates. On my 840 EVOs with the widespread slow and older data NAND issue, I backed up the data to two new/inexpensive WD Caviar Blue 1TB drives.


This takes you back a little to the early/nervous days of SSDs, for me this was back in 2010 with my unreliable but fast OCZ Vertex 2e 120GB SSD.




Too much source? :P

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