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Regarding: >EVGA PrecisionX 15 5.0.0


Just reading that EVGA cut development ties with our friend Alexey Nicolaychuk aka Unwinder, RivaTuner creator (VC interview) and EVGA PrecisionX solely for Nvidia GPUs. I feel I have to spell it out, from now on only use PX for Nvidia. Feel free to continue using MSI AB for either Nvidia and AMD GPUs, or just use AB.


Perhaps we should pull updates for EVGA PrecisionX? There's no love for EVGA over this and it wouldn't be right to promote EVGA's PX here until its sorted by both parties legal teams. Keep the ones we posted already on the site but leave the recent post up? Situation is a mess right now.


Unwinder is complaining about being screwed about by EVGA and are trying to protecting their product and potential royalties, maybe with MSI backed legal team, and Unwinder's technical insight will reveal the truth soon. This will all come down to the exclusions in the legal agreement if EVGA mentions 3rd party or Unwinder, no mention of outside parties will give EVGA a headache.


cuNdGv7m.png 60dCVH4m.png






He checked who coded what and checking changes in the new EVGA version:


I added RTSS to Precision in one of the first versions completely free of any licensing fees just to help the company to promote new tool and it truly became one of the most important application features. So it was used during more than 5 years completely free (and the company was never brave to admit that) and in final they originally “thanked” for free OSD usage by stealing it. EVGA’s brand new “in-house” OSD is also open a simple rip of open source FW1FontWrapper overlay. And If I were the developer of FW1FontWrapper, I’d read the story of RTSS and think 1000 times about it.


Story in full


This is the reply on the Steam forum from EVGA:


First, we value the relationship that we have with Rivertuner Alex/Unwinder since Feb.13th, 2008. With EVGA and Alex/Unwinder mutual efforts, Precision has became a very popular overclocking utility since it launched. Afterburner’s first release was in Oct. 2009.

It was originally EVGA’s idea to provide the world’s first “simple” overclocking GUI designed for NVIDIA cards that utilizes some of the Rivatuner technology for free. Due to some misinformation floating around about EVGA Precision recently, we would like to clarify several points. Also, EVGA wouldn’t have any interest to develop our own version if Alex/Unwinder had showed his interest back then like we’ve seen today!


  1. The EVGA Precision main GUI (main Window) and format was fully designed and owned by EVGA, that means Alex/Unwinder did not design the Precision GUI at all. The Rivatuner technology was used for the backend like GPU reporting, OSD and overclocking. Other features like voltage tuning, pixel clock control and Bluetooth function were coded by EVGA. We want it to be clear that Rivatuner source code has never been released to EVGA. A year and half after Precision was introduced, Afterburner was released, that shared a lot of the same ideas and concepts originally set by EVGA’s Precision, and also used Rivatuner technology.
  2. Most gamers knew that some of the key features that have been requested and missed such as 64bit OSD, voltage control and video recording in the early versions of Precision, yet Afterburner had it. You probably don’t know that some of those ideas were initiated and requested to Alex/Unwinder by EVGA to implement into Precision well before it was available in Afterburner, but Alex/Unwinder had no intention to add it. One year later they showed up in Afterburner exclusively without any notification and/or offer to EVGA. We felt that we became Alex/Unwinder and Afterburner’s free consultant if we continue this route.


We like Precision, the interface and the features, just like most of the gamers in the community, but under these circumstances, it became clear that in order to provide more features that are requested by the community, we needed to recode the back end from the ground up, using our own existing Precision skin designed as merely inspiration, that is why today we have the new EVGA PrecisionX 15. In the latest PrecisionX 15 we have put in some features like 64bit OSD support, Steam achievements and more. We want to make it clear that EVGA PrecisionX 15 is 100% coded in house without using any code from the older Precision due to we don’t have the source code since day one!

EVGA will continue adding features to support the community on PrecisionX15 for free as usual, and hope to inspire other overclocking utilities to be better for the entire gaming community.
The bottom line is that EVGA doesn’t want any third party to dictate what features the community should or should not have!


Edit: PrecisionX has been pulled, here is the EVGA statement in full from their main website.



PrecisionX 15 Statement

We understand that there is a lot of confusion and misinformation in the internet community about Guru3D’s article titled “Did EVGA just Steal the Rivatuner RTSS design concept into PrecisionX 15 ?”. We would like to clarify the following:

  1. Precision’s original main GUI concept was designed and provided to the community by EVGA in 2008.
  2. The RivaTuner control panel and backend code in prior versions of Precision were developed and is owned by the RivaTuner developer. EVGA does not own the source code for any RivaTuner code. EVGA paid for the development and distribution rights per the contract.
  3. The new EVGA PrecisionX 15 was coded from scratch by EVGA without copying any of the RivaTuner code.
  4. Both RivaTuner and EVGA PrecisionX 15 make use of the NVIDIA NVAPI to communicate with NVIDIA graphics cards and drivers, which is owned and provided by NVIDIA.

Some people mentioned that the file structure in EVGA PrecisionX 15 is similar to the previous version of Precision. During development, we referenced the USF skin format (which has been published by RivaTuner developer at Guru3D forums in 2009 to allow the community to create their own skins). The above mentioned feature would make it simple to allow users to recompile any previous skins to work with the new version of PrecisionX 15. However, we do understand the confusion caused by trying to maintain this feature and we will change it in the next release.


Next, it was also mentioned that the code contains text references (not code) to the word “RivaTuner” and the word “RTTSH.dll”, a RivaTuner file. This actually came from the user interface localization / help (wording). During the original Precision development, EVGA worked with several outside firms to help translate user interface help files into various languages. Unfortunately, this is a misprint in the translation files and will be fixed. Again, no RivaTuner code was ever used in EVGA PrecisionX 15. We apologize to the RivaTuner developer for this error.


Originally our goal was to add more features such as 64bit OSD, Steam, updated voltage controls, and more to a new version without changing the Precision user’s experience that they were already familiar with. Unfortunately, the “similarities” between the two programs have led people to believe that EVGA might have copied the code and design from RivaTuner, which is not the case. Given the circumstances, in order to remove any questions and to further differentiate it visually from the previous versions of EVGA Precision, EVGA has decided to listen to the community and suspend the downloading of EVGA PrecisionX 15 temporarily while these updates are being implemented.


Please remember, Precision was and is built for the community and without the community EVGA Precision and many other overclocking utilities would not be where they are today. It is EVGA’s commitment to continue investing in the development of PrecisionX by adding the features the community asks for while providing it free of charge!


Thank You,

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Well, this kind of news surely is not good for overall EVGA's image in the market from now on, I read the updates(replies from both sides) but can't be sure to make a final judgement about this.

IMO we should keep the latest update  PX15 5.0.0, at least until the situation is more clear for everyone.


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While I would never support G1D, I fully support Alexey, we did interview with him a year back. He is very a passionate about his application, and everyone would be outraged if any company would steal your work. They are still cooperating, but since EVGA made their own copy, they don't need Alexey anymore. I wonder if they are going to pay him for this unfortunate copyright infringement.


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