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I building my first computer and need some help determinig which video card or cards to use for six monitors.The computer is for stock trading. I was looking at some Radeon cards that have 6 Mini DP's.

  • It must be very fast, quite and stable.
  • The set-up will have 6 monitors - possibly 2 more in the future.
  • Streaming 2 live video news feeds
  • Linux OS
  • Two JAVA trading platform programs will be open, and one or two programs running through parallels. The two programs using parallels will be doing technical analysis of charts. Another program called MT4 will be open running through CrossOver/WINE
  • Firefox will probably have 100+ tabs open
  • 12-16 charts will be open at once. The charts will display live data that will constantly be changing - numbers, moving lines, bars etc.)
  • On the weekends I might will run some flight simulator or combat flight simulator for fun using 3 monitors

Computer build:

  1. Case: Fractal R4 (mid tower)
  2. Processor: I7 3930k
  3. Mobo: Sabertooth X79
  4. PSU: Seasonic Platinum 1000W (chose this because The fan will only kick on when it hits greater than 50% load (500 watts) - I'm trying to keep the computer quite
  5. Processor cooling fan: Noctua NH-C14 (Chose this because I didn't want to worry about any leaks in a liquid cooled system)
  6. SSD 256MB - Samsung SSD 840 Pro (chose this because it is fast and reliable
  7. RAM 16GB or 32GB??? (still trying to find the best ram for my situation)
  8. Optical Drive - Pioneer BDR-2207
  9. GPU????????????????????????????????????

Thank you for any input.


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A 16GB memory capacity will be enough, moreover you can always upgrade.

As for the card. What is missing here is the name of the monitor model you are going to purchase. What we need to know is the resolution and which display connectors is it going to offer. Mini-Displayport is a common use for 4+ monitor setups, since it's a small connector, just like mini-hdmi. And yeah, Radeon card will probably be a proper choice here.

MSI 7970 lightning


Sapphire 7970 Toxic 6GB




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