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Catalyst 12.10
AMD Catalyst 12.10 WHQL

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Build Info:

Driver Packaging Version:

Catalyst Version: 12.10

2D Driver Version:

Direct3D Version:

OpenGL Version:

Catalyst Control Center Version: 2012.0928.1532.26058

For AMD Radeon HD 5000, HD 6000 and HD 7000 Series users, Microsoft® has certified today’s AMD Catalyst™ 12.10 release as “compatible with Windows 8.” With this driver, these products offer full support for WDDM 1.2, which is an updated model for graphics drivers that Microsoft has developed to ensure smooth performance and wide compatibility in their new operating system.

Target-Independent Rasterization (TIR): TIR is a new rendering path that enables superior anti-aliasing in Direct3D driver applications

Native Stereo 3D Support: Windows 8 natively supports stereoscopic 3D gaming and videos via compatible applications

Unified Video API: Video playback has been integrated into the DirectX® 11 API, enabling simultaneous video and gaming content. Transcoding performance may also be improved for supporting applications.

Optimized screen rotation for rotation aware devices

Improved sleep/resume performance

Optimized GPU power consumption

Major technologies / features also supported under Windows 8:

AMD Eyefinity technology



Unified Video Decoder (UVD)

AMD Dual Graphics

AMD CrossFire technology

AMD Overdrive

AMD Catalyst Control Center

Vision Engine Control Center

Feature Highlights of AMD Catalyst™ 12.10: AMD Catalyst Mobility support for AMD Enduro™ Technology

AMD Catalyst Mobility now includes support for AMD Enduro™ Technology. AMD Enduro Technology is currently supported on all notebook Intel IvyBridge platforms and AMD Comal platforms that support the AMD Radeon HD 7900M, 7800M, 7700M.

AMD Enduro™ Technology for Notebooks delivers:

Unbeatable battery life

GPU accelerated performance for gaming, video, and compute apps

A Seamless and automatic experience

New Enduro™ Technology features found in Catalyst 12.10:

Re-designed Catalyst Control Center user interface

View all profiled applications

View recently run applications

Profile applications based on power source

Expert mode control and customization

Performance centric AC

Battery centric DC

Resolved issue highlights of AMD Catalyst™ 12.10 (from AMD Catalyst 12.8)

Tri and Quad CrossFire + Eyefinity configurations – Users will no longer see lower than expected performance in certain DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 applications

FireFox – corruption is no longer observed on CrossFire configurations

Enabling Overdrive settings no longer increases clocks in all power states

AMD Video Converter support is available in AMD Catalyst 12.9 Beta Windows 7 and Windows Vista packages

Resolves the system delay observed when opening the Windows Audio system tray on Multi-GPU configurations to configure HDMI Audio settings

AMD Catalyst 12.10 Vista/7/8 »32-bit

AMD Catalyst 12.10 Vista/7/8 »64-bit

AMD Catalyst 12.10 Vista/7/8 »32-bit-NET 4.0 included

AMD Catalyst 12.10 Vista/7/8 »64-bit-NET 4.0 included

AMD Catalyst Mobility 12.10 Vista/7/8 »32-bit-NET 4.0 included

AMD Catalyst Mobility 12.10 Vista/7/8 »64-bit-NET 4.0 included


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