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Pimax VR headsets are going to be ready for pre order very soon.

So a lot of people are probably still confused as hell with Pimax. The website hasn't been working for a long time. It was hacked, taken offline and started to direct visitors to porn sites and adding a virus to their PC's. I heard a few stories where people had to format to get back up and running. 5K+, 8K or 5K BE. The Business Edition was sprung up on the website without any introduction, apparently it's OLED and apparently it has PenTile pixel matrix (not the most desired compared to RGB).

The website has popped online, lots of broken links, broken English and lacking a lot of information. It started to be updated and more has been added.

1/ No details about warranty - ordering from China, what happens if it breaks?
2/ Couldn't add the Shipping Address to your account.
3/ No option apart from Credit card, which many are reluctant to add due to the site recently being hacked and unsecrure. PayPal was finally added which saves having to enter card details.
4/ Prices appeared, but no stock.
5/ A countdown clock at 0:0:0 appeared, then started counting down on the Chinese version.
6/ English version isn't loading currently, have been getting 502 Bad Gateway errors since it came online
7/ More options appeared, now the option to order each HMD with a RTX COLOFUL graphics card (Chinese brand), then the site went down again.
8/ A flicker of the long awaited Basestation(lighthouse boxes) and Controllers appeared, but I never managed to get the screenshot. Site offline again.
9/ Countdown timer disappeared, would have been due around about now at time of posting this.

Launch day and the site isn't finished. Lots of people asking questions and confused or dubious about this whole process. Pimax have the best intentions and the best HMD's for VR right now, but this launch has been insane.

Discussion threads:

Pimax Forums



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Decided to put together a spreadsheet containing prices of VR headsets, GPUs and CPU that I'm personally interested in. Shows launch and current prices. Might be of use to others.





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