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Hello! Yesterday I got to install the RX Vega 56 in my friend's computer, since he really wanted a new graphics card. First thing I did was run DDU before removing his old nVidia card, and then install the newest 17.9.2 drivers when the Vega was swapped in. Then I went ahead and set a new clock on the card, about the same I run on my own Vega 56 - 1.05V, 1600Mhz core and 900Mhz memory. 

Now, when I boot up any game on it, I can't get the card to run at its full potential. Whether it's PUBG, a Source engine (CS:GO) or Rainbow Six Siege, the GPU usage always varies between 45-60%, and the core clock seems to sit only at about 1200Mhz. 

The first and most likely reason for this, in my book, is his CPU. My own Vega with similar settings never dip below 98% usage, but I have an R7 1700. His CPU is a much older i7 2700K. And also, since he's got one of them prebuilt PCs, he doesn't have a cooler capable of much overclocking. But still... It IS a 4 core, 8 thread CPU - is that really the sole reason for the low GPU usage? Is there anything else anyone would reccon I should try? 


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