Samsung Magician not showing 850 SSD but shows 840

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This issue has been apparent for past two months I've had the two 2TB 850 SSDs and doesn't show the SSD's under Performance Optimisation > Advanced tab in the latest 4.9.7 version of Magician. Note there is no firmware for 850.

( click images for original )

In standard tab, both 850's show and so does my 840 that holds my older games

In Advance, for whatever reason, only my 840 EVO appears

Before I installed the 850's, both my 840 EVO's were available for optimisation (bar OS drive as the 840 PRO's were in RAID-0) and that was fine. Makes no sense why the EVO is showing yet my new PRO's aren't. Only explanation is that I am using custom over provisioning to preserve the NAND and performance as by default it was too low, mine is set to 10% aka 200GB in maintaining health cells.

I need to fix this so SSDs don't just rely on garbage collection and TRIM as my speeds are still low: read/write 494/471MB/s - IOPS read/write: 60,107/58,309 (Intel Sata 6G latest driver for my board). With Rapid the speeds are great but IOPS are still below rated specs. Imaging SSD to HDD then defragging that would take too long.

Has over provisioning prevented 850 from showing, or is there something odd going on?


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