Nvidia GP102 Titan X Teased

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Jen-Hsun Huang took time out at Stanford’s Faculty Club to introduce the GP102 packing in 12 billion transistors! Image was very quickly cropped to be less distracting and the original twitter post can be found here.

Confusing as it is sticking with Titan X, signifies the Xtreme in gaming as the ultimate card for VR and UHD gaming. Would anticipate this card to cost around $1199 to leave room for GTX 1080 Ti at $899 - yes Pascal is pricey! Pre-orders are limited to 2 per customer.


The audience of more than 500 academics, researchers, and students — gathered in an open, airy hall at Stanford’s faculty club — quickly dropped their canapes and picked up their smartphones to snap pictures of the moment.

“When I get excited, crazy stuff happens,” Jen-Hsun, clad in one of his trademark leather jackets, told the audience. “We wanted to bring supercomputing power into the GeForce channel, so everyone in academia can benefit.”

“This is the first product launch I’ve ever done where I’m standing next to guys in t-shirts,” Jen-Hsun said.


Black leather jacket, check! (via Twitter)


GP102 polygonal cooler render


Stanford’s Faculty Club (via Nvidia blog)


11 TFLOPs single precision, 3584 cores, base clockspeed of 1417MHz / 1531 MHz boost (GPU Boost 3.0) with 12GB GDDR5X memory clocked at 1250MHz.

Supported: DX12 API feature level 12.1, Vulkan API, OGL 4.5 API.

Features a 384-bit bus offering 480GB/s bandwidth and support up to 2-way SLI-HB bridge. Pascal supports the all important 2.2 HDCP HDMI 2.0b spec for the latest UHD HDR content, ready for DisplayPort 1.3 and 1.4, DL-DVI (certified for DP 1.2).

Temperature Limit is capped to 94 C and a TDP of 250W via 8-pin and 6-pin PCI-E.

Two slot card measures in at 10.5" (L), 4.376" (H).

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