How to setup Subnautica in VR (HTC Vive)

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Brand new to the game, so here's my experience getting it to work with the HTC Vive...

Well I had a look around on the Steam Summer Sale to find some more potential HTC Vive games and Subnautica was on there. I checked into it a long time ago and thought it was too gaudy/cartoony with the graphics, it looked a bit like a bodged and rushed game. Remember this was quite a while ago when I looked at this Early Access game. Anyway, whilst it's on sale, I thought I'd give it a go.

I encountered some problems on the way...

1/ It's not a dedicated VR game. It requires Revive to drag the Subnautica.exe on to it.
2/ XBox controller for PC was working sometimes.
3/ Graphical glitches and stuttering in the VR headset. I did have it on the maximum graphics setting.
4/ Went to Steam, right clicked Subnautica and chose to download the Beta. This fixed 2 noticeable issues... the loading of each biome was much smoother and the Xbox controller worked 100%.

The graphics are damn beautiful and when swimming to the kelp/creeper forests, they make you feel the sense of depth of the water. Very nice detail overall. Would highly recommend for those looking for more VR content


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