Dead Island Definitive Edition - NVIDIA SLI Profile Guide

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Dead Island Definitive Edition - NVIDIA SLI Profile Guide

Simple fix I've been testing to be sure this works like any other SLI bit - offering this as an option to use with existing drivers. As it uses Dying Light's DX11 bits it works as intended and shall suffice until Nvidia or Techland adds official support. There are ZERO texture pop-ins, flashing textures or other oddities due to using multiple GPUs. My current driver is 365.16 WHQL running on W8.1 x64.

  • Load was balanced across each 980 Ti @ stock factory overclocks. Never drops below 60FPS.
  • Load up Nvidia Profile Inspector and search for the original Dead Island, you will be adding new compatibility bits for the remastered edition based upon Chrome Engine 6.

    ( Both the new and old titles carries the same DeadIslandGame.exe making this my preferred option)
  • Add the following bits to SLI compatibility bits (DX10 + DX11): 0x080000F5
  • EKzbyDz.png
  • If you're not concerned about power usage, under section 5 Common change Power Management Mode to Prefer maximum performance <-- Nvidia generally advises this for SLI in maintaining optimal performance otherwise clocks can drop and increase frametimes otherwise leave on Adaptive
  • Section 6 for your SLI options is already configured but I shall include them anyway
  • On the top right-handside click Apply Changes and close.

Video Options (if you were wondering) to play it safe you need 4GB 2560x1440 as these settings logged use of 3.2GB VRAM, 10 minutes driving at 1920x1080 shows 2.5GB.

  • Resolution: 2560x1440
  • Texture Quality: High
  • Full Screen: On
  • Shadow Map Size: Very High <-- High is good too
  • Foliage Quality: High
  • Veritical Sync: Off <-- turn off to avoid terrible mouse lag
  • View Distance: Max the slider!
  • Ambient Occlusion: On <-- can cause performance issues, try with and without
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Antialiasing: On <-- certainly better AA than the original and unless you can up the resolution or use DSR (Nvidia) / VSR (AMD) to downsample
  • Film Grain Effect: Off
  • Chromatic Aberration Effect: Off <-- down to personal preferences but causes additional mouse lag and does take a extra hit on GPU/CPU

I put this guide on the Steam forum and now it's here :)


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