Quick Tip To Improve Chrome Responsiveness

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Quick Tip To Improve Chrome Responsiveness

This involves disabling Adobe Flash Player and can be re-enabled at any time for any websites that require it.

It's unnecessary to use Flash these days with the daily security issues and battery drain, plus it uses more GPU/CPU resources than it should. Even the alternatives of Microsoft Silverlight was discontinued for HTML5, this is what most streaming services use.

Before you head on, do yourself a favour and improve your systems security by uninstalling flash then restart your PC. Flash is always packaged with Chrome and never requires requisites, Adobe Flash will be enabled in Chrome even after you uninstall it from your system.

Enable hardware (GPU) acceleration

And I should add I tried with and without hardware acceleration before continuing. This is accessed via Chrome, head to "Settings", at the bottom click "+ show advanced settings", if hardware acceleration wasn't enabled you'll be notified to restart Chrome...

How to disable Adobe Flash in Chrome:

So if like me you noticed that Chrome was sluggish when scrolling or simply crashed on more complex websites, disabling Flash helped regain speed.

  1. Open Chrome, in the address/search bar type: chrome://plugins
  2. Press enter and you'll see the list of plugins, this is separate to that your typical Extensions (not required but if you need to access that anyway type: chrome://extensions)
  3. A typical installation will only see 4 plugins and one of those is Adobe Flash Player
  4. Click on the "Disable" link for Adobe Flash Player and it will now be greyed out ..
  5. Restart Chrome for these changes to come in effect and regain some much needed speed
  6. To re-enable Flash, follow the instructions again and this time click "Enable"

Depending on your hardware configuration it's worth trying Chrome with hardware acceleration disabled to avoid any potential slowdowns - worth trying for those who rely on hardware acceleration for other applications with Chrome open. This will be more noticeable to gamers with a browser open.

If you did want to check Chrome's GPU/CPU/RAM/Network usage, press: SHIFT + ESC. You'll get a Chromified version of Windows Task Manager to see exactly what your browser is doing and how much it's costing in resources - right-click on the top, ie on GPU Memory and you can select further options to show. Just having the settings tab open is using 41 MB of RAM while a tab open of a YouTube video is consuming 180 MB RAM. Other slowdowns caused by pagefile caching due to lack of RAM is an obvious solution, having too many extensions you'll see that impact on resources so consider what you really need.

Feel free to add your own suggestions or feedback.


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