[PCGamer] What DirectX 12 means for gamers and developers

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[PCGamer] What DirectX 12 means for gamers and developers

Peter "Durante" Thoman is the creator of PC downsampling tool GeDoSaTo and the modder behind Dark Souls' DSfix. He has previously analysed PC ports of Valkyria Chronicles, Dark Souls 2, The Witcher 3 and more.

The release of Windows 10 marks the first time where the broad PC gaming public will have access to a low-level, cross-vendor graphics API. Ever since AMD first presented Mantle in 2013, there’s been a lot of back and forth discussion on how significant the gains to be made by low-level APIs really are for games. Opinions range from considering it nothing less than a revolution in graphics processing, to little more than an overblown marketing campaign. This article aims to provide a level-headed outlook on what exactly DirectX12 will offer for gamers, in which situations, and when we will see these gains.

Article covers the following and this is the index over the 3 pages - quoting paragraphs neglects many others ;)  ...

  • A brief history of DirectX and APIs
  • Why switch to low-level APIs?
  • The Hardware Side
  • The Software Side
  • The Modern Game Development Ecosystem
  • How do low-level APIs work?
  • Work Creation and Submission
  • Pipeline State Management
  • Asynchronicity in Memory and Resource Management
  • In Summary
  • What does this mean for gamers?
  • Conclusion



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