Customise Your AMD Fury X Faceplate

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Customise Your AMD Fury X Faceplate

AMD has released instructions for 3D printing your own faceplate if you wanted to customise it and go crazy for a bit of fun. May seem kinda pointless when you won't see it. For those with access to a 3D printer it saves the expense and time in working with a template than buying a more expensive off the shelf option lacking customisation of materials and design.

If you happen to damage or lose your original faceplate (just stick your original in the Fury X box) this will void your warranty, as will any damage caused by removing, installing, modifying the faceplate and damage to the Fury X caused by the custom faceplate.

IMPORTANT: AMD’s product warranty does not cover damage to your graphics card or system caused in whole or in part by removing, modifying or reinstalling the AMD Radeon Fury X faceplate, which activities you agree to carry out at your own risk.  AMD will not provide replacement faceplates for any faceplates lost or damaged, nor will AMD be liable for any damages to the graphics card or your system caused during the removal, modification or reinstallation of the faceplate.


So long as you follow AMD's guidelines you won't void your warranty.

Please ensure to take all necessary precautions prior to removing the front plate from the graphics card; these include but are not limited to:

  • Do not remove the front plate while the graphics card is installed inside a system
  • Do not remove the front plate while the graphics card is powered or operational
  • Ensure your workspace is clear of debris and appropriate electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection is taken
  • The front plate can be removed by removing the four hex screws from the front of the graphics card as illustrated below
    • Do not remove any other screws or modify any other components on the graphics card
  • Use a proper hex key or screwdriver to remove the screws from the front plate to avoid damaging the screws
    • When reinstalling the screws do not to overtighten the screws




Download the front plate 3D model here.




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