Find Your D3D Feature Level

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Find Your D3D Feature Level

Quick post for reference (this tool is already well known) for those wanting to dig into their D3D FL to check what capabilities are there for fun, subfeatures are software level. Note: This is a DX11 tool but reveals key values that pertains to DX12 feature levels.


  1. Head here to grab the SDK for Windows 8.1 (Windows 10 requires Insider access):
  2. You want to tick the options for Windows Software Development Kit, then proceed to download and let it continue to install.
  3. Once completed, head to this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\bin\x64 and open dxcapsviewer.exe.
  4. List of features/levels are listed. For WDDM 2.0 on Windows 10 your options may extend into D3D 11.3 (D3D 12). On Windows 8.1 using my 780 Ti (GK110) I can see the Windows driver is 1.3. Same options apply regardless to 660 Ti (GK104), your subfeatures will extend further on new APIs if your hardware supports it. If you use a GPU that doesn't offer full D3D12 support, it will use a higher level API access than a native D3D 12 GPU, your draw calls will be less (heavily dependant on CPU and core count) with subfeatures removed or emulated. Nvidia support for D3D12 goes back to Fermi, AMD support extends to all versions of GCN. If your GPU supports D3D 11.2 you should be fine with basic support for D3D12 until Unreal reveals which subfeatures are likely to be used (imo up to Tier 2 should be good for a couple of years).
  5. If you want to check FL, you can reference this image (source is the link below 'Resource Binding Tiers PDF, IDF14').

Further Reading...
- WDDM 1.3
- D3D 11.3 (D3D12)
- Resource Binding Tiers PDF, IDF14
- Direct3D 12 - New Rendering Features

P.S. tried to keep this short and easy to understand in the little amount of time I had in the small hours of a restless night, feel free to pull apart this post if inaccurate but you bloody better have proof/facts to back it up :P 


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