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Found 9 results

  1. Steam

    Steam Deals, Post 'Em Here If you come across a great deal and we should know about a must have game, let us know, simple Tips (post yours if you have 'em) : The best deals are the short Flash deals and generally don't get any cheaper, next is Daily Deal, then the normal Weekly Deal. For completing badges or achievement you may get discount vouchers for a random title. These vouchers have an expiry date and discount can vary from 25% to 90% judging from the ones I've received. If you miss a Holiday Flash or daily deal I do recall they always come back on offer on the last day. Check out SteamPrices - it keeps track of prices, if your region is ripping you off or it's genuinely a fantastic offer you'll get a very good idea. Personally I don't count 50% off as great discount unless the game is poor, if under 3 months since release I'd think again. 50% off DLCs is a good deal and around 75 to 90% is worth snapping up titles. The discount depends on the original price of the game, like it being set artificially high to begin with, and if it comes with extras such as soundtracks, DLCs, maps/guides. Check deals on Green Man Gaming, GOG, GamersGate, SteamDB, HumbleStore, Enhanced Steam addon or check out the retail copies via search comparison sites or go to the old brick n mortar stores. If you've already got the game on your Wishlist then you should never miss out as Valve email you an alert. Steamprices and SteamDB harvest every game available, here are my 3 picks for 19th Dec 2013 I think you should check out: - BioShock Triple Pack (BioShock/BioShock 2/BioShock Infinite) - rated: 96%/88%/94%) £9.31/$14.99 - Store - Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack (84/100) - rated: 91% £0.26/$0.44 - Store - Trine - rated: 90% £0.69/$0.99 - Store - Hard Reset Extended Edition - rated: 73/100 £2.49/$3.74 - Store
  2. Steam Review System Updated You may have noticed that yesterday Valve tweaked Steam's user review system to better reflect the changing nature of games over time and numerous patches. A bit like the way New Releases was initially spammed with rubbish titles on the main page to include Popular New Releases that was the bane of many gamers and reviewers that knocked top titles straight off, we now see a better overview of reviews before purchasing or not. This was also how personal Discovery Queue came about. Once logged in it can recommend titles based on simple algorithms based upon either popular titles you own/play or your friends or the general Steam community enjoy and suggests alternatives you may also enjoy - Steam trailed this in the Winter sale of 2015 to huge success with views up 3-fold (at the time during the sale you gained Steam Trading Cards for viewing up to three times a day during the 13-day event). Not only were sales up, Valve noted an increase of 197% in added titles to Wishlists although figures on eventual sales are unknown. Recent User Reviews Let me take Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide as a good example of a title that was expected to be right up there with the success of CIV V but left a huge following of fans very disappointed, ie, lacked a huge amount of content versus previous series, barely average gameplay mechanics. Since CIV:BE was released on October 5th 2015 there have been 491 user reviews submitted with an overall rating of 81%, categorised as Very Good. The newly introduced system adds the Recent overview to the review summary to better indicate how the game has been recently to better reflect impressions since release after DLCs and patches. To be rated in the Recent Reviews the title has to have been on Steam and available for 45 days and reviews that are included are only within the previous 30 days. You can see there could be some misinterpretation of such figures as the Recent Reviews differ so wildly and could be abused, this is why I'd still consider Overview Reviews along with independent reviews and personal recommendations. To put a vague Steam "Mixed" / "Very Positive" rating into content this is a best guess of the rating system from a quick check of SteamDB/Steam to see how it fits into each category. Please correct me if you notice a mistake along with URL to said title 95% ~ 99% - Overwhelmingly Positive (large review size) 80% ~ 94% - Very Positive (large review size) 80% ~ 94% - Positive (small review size) 70% ~ 79% - Mostly Positive (large review size) 40% ~ 69% - Mixed (large review size) 20% ~ 39% - Mostly Negative (large review size) 0% ~ 19% - Negative (small review size) 0% ~ 19% - Very Negative (large review size) 0% ~ 9% - Overwhelmingly Negative (large review size) Mods off-topic: I do wonder about the impact of future Valve/studio implemented mod reviews (hopefully free and accessed via Steam Workshop) in how this will be better presented in future since these are cross-platform related, reading all those mod reviews will be RSI inducing and trend of scrolling the wall of text is far from ideal. To date with the likes of Fallout 4 thanks to the Creation Kit, an official SDK, you have to go by 0 ~ 5 star ratings or knowing the mod that was previously available on Nexus. The benefit of Bethesda vetting mods is that any malicious mods are routed out although unheard of yet, and the very important Load Order is automatically set with the other mods to avoid conflicts and crashes. This is something that Steam hasn't even touched upon yet, you can download mods from the Steam Workshop for a variety of Football management titles (Football Manager series, Football Tactics) yet making it work and avoiding conflicts or save corruption is entirely down the end user. So how do you see the new filter in action I hear you ask... select Recent (as per image above) and you'll see this new overview and it states "Most Helpful Reviews: In the past 30 days". To the right is the most recently submitted reviews and to the left is the main review section you'll find the most voted reviews. Note: I had to limit the image to 640 pixels in width otherwise with the background texture the original would be too large for a PNG (JPG isn't great for text), however you can view this page here I shall include the Press Release in the spoiler below along with the direct URL in further reading ... Further reading: Introducing Steam Reviews Customer Review System Updated To Show Recent Reviews And Summary - added 3rd May 2016
  3. Protect Your Steam Account from Hijacks I'd advise anyone to visit their Steam profile and change the privacy setting to ensure that comments are for friends only. You all know my nickname and pointless hiding it, take reasonable precautions and you'll be fine. Hover over your name in Steam as follows and select Profile At the top of the page on the right under your Steam level and badge, press Edit Profile You'll come to your Edit Profile page (aka My Profile), no options will change on this page as we need to change Privacy Settings. Go ahead and click on My Privacy Settings Now we are in My Privacy Settings you can change the options as advised unless you have changed these. Switch Comment Permissions as follows to Friends Only. Profile Status - Leave your profile open as Public, there is no risks and can stop certain apps or streaming services from working. Comment Permissions - Set to Friends only and means only your friends, who you trust, can leave comments. Unless you know that person, don't click ANY links. In Steam there is not the usual protection you get from browsers, its like running around naked on there! Inventory - My profile used to be fairly open, however since we also get trade scams I only allow friends to view my Inventory (maybe Steam should default to this option). Same can be said for Comments and the point of this post. Both together means no-one can scam you unless you click on links in forums, websites then that's down to bad luck and lack of security installed. Chrome has built-in Malware protection, used alongside Malwarebyte's and your paid for security suite you should be protected. Showcase Panel - potential issue EDIT: Another point I should add. Remove Games Collector Showcase panel and replace it with something else, say Favourite Game Showcase or Rarest Achievement Showcase panels. Right there you are showing how valuable your account is (number of games, DLCs) to whom ever it maybe good/bad that happens to stumble upon your account. Yes you could go into lockdown mode aka Private if you were that worried but Steam works best when your account is Public. Don't deliberately have this panel enabled, let other members check your account is legit too. For example, making friends, gaming, trading, or if you are managing a public Steam Group or creating your own mods. Whatever you decide is down to you, let common sense prevail Over the past few months I had a lot of random 0-level accounts (likely bot accounts) leaving hijack link attempts disguised as image links and all leaving identical messages where only the image link changed. Links to images are made to look legit but are far from it. Steam should be doing far more to protect us and they are not, at least let me report these as my only option is to delete the many suspicious comments. If you get spam texts you can report these to your provider and they ban the numbers to stop further harm, we are neither being protection at the first instance on our profile page, being able to report it, or Steam having sufficient protections in place. Edit: Not related to hijacks but worth pointing you in the direction of this detailed Steam Guide by Jimo entitled Avoiding Common Scams.
  4. GTA V is up for pre-order on Steam and specs revised from what was on the retail copy, check the cover for those details since I will highlight recent Steam specifications at the end of this nonsense Feel free to add your own ramblings, even if they also make little sense cos nothing matters in the GTA world Steam: Available 24th March 2015 Min/Recommended specs have little relevance..... Requirements are very reasonable to reach as many gamers as possible besides needing a 64-bit OS, most gamers should have at least 4GB RAM. On paper for both Min and Rec CPU Specs you'd think playable settings wouldn't tax it but from many years of playing GTA series me and several friends always recalled it using high percentage of Intel CPUs in CF/SLI. I suspect with CPU-scaling GTA V FPS will max out once it hits 4 cores. GTA has never been HTT friendly (lots of hitching or odd framecapping) and a native 4 or 6 core CPU will do nicely. Even BF4 hitches with HTT on my 4930K@4.6GHz (full specs in sig), with HTT off hitching becomes barely noticeable. HTT adds 31% more perf and with only one GPU I keep it enabled to keep average frames over 60fps maxed. Back to GTA V.... Despite outlining my reservations about the CPU, through 2014 we played about a lot with QHD and UHD. Although GTA V will support it you better go big to support it otherwise you're looking at keeping it above 30fps before even thinking about the modding community. It has already been confirmed on >Facebook that it will receive the full iCEnhancer treatment. All of a sudden we need the next iteration of cards now for GTA V *ignores SoM/FC4/ACU/WD/TEW, etc*. In a perfect world 8GB to sweeten the deal, FC4 at 1440p can hit 5.5GB. Depending on how well they use system RAM through extended testing, hitting 5GB wouldn't surprise me. Texture swaps through new zones adding another 1GB, this quickly gets pushed into VRAM and caused some issues with GTA IV that needed launcher command line workarounds (my ENB has cfg workarounds but that's boring and needless to go into). AMD GCN 1.2 and Nvidia Maxwell 3rd gen compression reduces uncompressed assets by up to a maximum of 35% down to a theoretical 5.2GB from 8GB (for those complaining that isn't enough and wanting 12GB). Cutting awfully close to 2-year-old Titan's 6GB VRAM. This is assuming 4xMSAA at 1440p, otherwise use performance SMAA. Does not matter SMAA is AMD, quality is just as good for both camps and avoids the huge performance hits you'd get with MSAA. That's why you'll see both using SMAA in FC4. Yes we've all seen that GTA V PC graphic options but it raised too many questions to be trusted. My issue isn't just how good it will end up looking, we've all seen the first-person grabs and UHD snipets, the biggest headache has been how poorly implemented for PC GTA series has been and how buggy it's been. Both funny and game-breaking and both are great for speed runs with the obvious one driving backwards to keep traffic clear. And how exactly does the seemingly lower than expected requirements translate to in game settings and why no hint at the setup required for the GTA newly supported UHD resolution? For requirements we have Minimum, Recommended, time we had Extreme. Usually common sense would dictate that minimum (basic entry to play the game below console quality) is for notebooks or entry level PCs, recommended (to play the game as the devs intended and slightly higher than consoles) is for 1080p with most options on medium to high depending on your GPU. Most devs since 2011/2012 just forgot the fact we have multiple GPUs and capped it to 2, before we entered 2013 and it was further reduced to a single GPU. Only through interaction with the community was mGPU support added in but not always. Sometimes the changes would break more code than was worth implementing and the additional cost to cater the 'minority' wasn't worth their time because we are a demanding bunch even with support of Nvidia or AMD depending on the title in question. Need I mention the stuttery and VRAM-hog in the corner, Far Cry 4 still does not support AMD XDMA (aka CrossFire). Hope the sack of GamesWorks-encrypted-special-invite cash was worth breaking the FC3 engine, you know the slightly modified engine that worked perfectly well in CF. Yes AMD have invite into Nvidia's propitiatory GameWorks programme to make their missing mGPU profiles but its not worth the hassle (they never see the full code to make it optimal) and would only further slow them down. Each patch is playing catchup and sometimes in GameWorks titles they aren't that far behind, says a lot for AMDs efforts. Next on the agenda for 2014/2015+ is storage requirements. The requirements are because of increase in assets thanks to removing limitations of last-gen consoles, higher polygon counts and more detailed maps, support of better AI and dense populations, more animations (enviros, characters, vehicles), certainly more through uncompressed audio (sound effects, music, dialogue), after all that of the top of my head and quickly checking filesizes through my Steam installs of GTA its very easy to see 65GB being a fair number. Maybe not fair if you are still rocking a small capacity SSD but don't complain too much, SSD prices are at 35p per GB (750GB 840EVO) and quick loading times versus slow-ass consoles. A gripe many have with all games is pre-order offers, they aren't special when all they are is basic additional content (weapons/costumes/boring multiplayer maps). The best GTA V can offer is in-game money of $500k each for GTA V single player and GTA Online, PLUS additional $300k for GTA Online (yes pushing you towards Online) and a bonus copy of GTA: San Andreas - I must have missed the explanation in why Rockstar didn't offer GTA IV or China Town (often bundled on Steam). If you are new to GTA please search out the many GTA:SA mods. For the rest of us that grew up with GTA in 1997 or GTA: SA in 2005 and already own every title inbetween, what good is this extra copy or half the Steam friends that already have it? The other half don't want it because its not their cup of tea and I respect that. All that's left is in-game currency. To those that await unbiased reviews after a terrible 2014 for PC games, you are rewarded with nothing other than GTA Online like everyone else. Buy this game after 1st February 2015 and your immediate disadvantage is lack of cash good luck having fun with no sports cars, weapons, clothes unless you steal/mug on top of having to level up to even unlock items. You could use glitches to get a few million, there will no doubt be exploits just like on console. Later mission rewards well but takes far too long. I just hope hacking isn't too bad, I can imagine on day one kids driving about in the Rhino tank. Kids will be their usual annoying selves and we'll be getting killed by fire hydrants... Addition.... System requirements Minimum System Requirements: OS: Windows Vista SP2, 7 SP1 / 8 / 8.1 (64bit versions only) (Nvidia GPU recommended if running Vista OS)CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz / AMD Phenom 9850 Quadcore @ 2.5GHzRAM: 4GBGPU: NVIDIA 9800 GT / AMD HD 4870 (1GB VRAM) (DX 10, 10.1, 11)Storage: 65 GB available spaceSound Card: 100% DirectX 10.0 compatible sound card with latest drivers Recommended System Requirements: OS: Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / 8.1 (64bit versions only)CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHz (4-cores) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHz (8-cores)RAM: 8GBGPU: NVIDIA GTX 660 / AMD HD 7870 (2GB VRAM)Storage: 65 GB available spaceSound Card: 100% DirectX 10.0 compatible sound card with latest drivers Is this still in? Or trying to hail a taxi and accidentally stealing it? Hope this is in, erm autosaves?
  5. [steam] Half-Life 2: Update (Remastered)   Coming to all Half-Life 2 owners is the (optional) ultimate version of the FPS in this fan-made mod that fixes thousands of bugs, adds higher quality lightning and effects, and new commentary mode to cover the making of the mod. Release date is today in 4 hours time.       Source
  6. GTA: San Andreas patched and borked (Steam) Quick post to mention that San Andreas has been updated (broken) on Steam - breaks old saves, loses 1080p (used old V1.00 game engine, 1.01 fixed this), drops music tracks (license issue and consumer law would side with us in the EU as we are no longer getting the content, music in this case, we paid for as advertised). Way to go Steam/Rockstar in supporting the best story you brought to GTA series! I thought that the modding community would quickly fix this, and thanks to Silent this was done 2 days ago - I think it reverts the game to V1.0 going by this discussion from the author if you go back a few pages and doesn't YET fix resolution. If you have an update-backup before this patched was pushed out, disconnect your network to be sure and set Steam to only download updates when you launch it. When you do launch it Steam won't automatically update San Andreas. This is my own thoughts on making sure this new Steam patch won't revert it, or if you update the game with Silent's patch you ensure it won't be patched again as that would break the fix unless he works on new one. A bit of a faff, if you're into modding you won't mind this extra work. Both are required to work: Silent's ASI Loader 1.3 - Fix/patch - In order to keep this post short, the instructions and changes are listed on the first links website, for the second link on my own mirror readme's are inside ZIP. I don't have this excellent title installed right now to test, although it looks very dated, it is still considered to be Rockstar's best efforts at driving home a great story with tons of content. Plenty of mods to spruce up the textures/audio from this 2005 release, PS2 days. Only reason I don't like this game is the horror over my flying skills! Anyone should be able to play this - copied from my own limited edition box for nostalgic reasons and it came with map, book, etc Minimum Hardware Requirements CPU: 1GHz Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon RAM: 256MB GPU: 64MB with DirectX9 capable drivers (GeForce3 or better) ODD: 8x DVD-ROM Storage: 3.6GB free space for minimal install Audio: DirectX9 compatible Stereo Sound Card Recommended Hardware Requirements CPU: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP (or better) RAM: 384MB+ GPU: 128MB with DirectX9 capable drivers (NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series recommended) ODD: 16X DVD-ROM Storage: 4.7GB free space for full install Audio: DirectX9 compatible Surround Sound Card (Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Series recommended) Controller: Gamepad with twin axis analog (USB or Joystick port) Supported OS Windows 2000 Professional (Workstation) (plus Service Pack 1 or higher) plus DirectX9 Windows XP (Home and Professional) (plus Service Pack 1 or higher) plus DirextX9 Generic Requirements DirectX9 Keyboard and mouse
  7. Press release in full...     Gamers would rather be on the side of Valve but EA's is better than Steam's Subscriber Agreement (remember when we had to agree to new ToS for your right to bring class-action lawsuits, if not read back to this from last year) as Valve states: "As with most software products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on games, DLC or in-game items purchased on our website or through the Steam Client.  Please review Section 3 of the Steam Subscriber Agreement for more information."   Section 3 of that agreement states (original was in full caps!) : "3. BILLING, PAYMENT AND OTHER SUBSCRIPTIONS All charges incurred on Steam, and all purchases made with the Steam wallet, are payable in advance and are not refundable in whole or in part, regardless of the payment method, except as expressly set forth in this agreement. If you are an EU subscriber you have the right to withdraw from a purchase transaction for digital content without charge and without giving any reason until delivery of such content has started or performance of the service has commenced. You do not have a right to withdraw from a transaction or obtain a refund once delivery of the content has started or the performance of the service has commenced, at which point your transaction is final. You agree that delivery of digital content, and the associated subscription, and/or performance of the associated service, commences at the moment the digital content is added to your account or inventory or otherwise made accessible to you for download or use."
  8. Steam

      Steam's Early Access Games 'play games as they evolve' ... I guess that's one way to describe the mess of quite a lot of PC titles and could be a way to improve the buggy fully release titles through early feedback.   There's a few of you already trying this early access via Arma 3 Alpha, so if you liked or disliked an Early Access Game please let us know here. From playing a load of Alpha/Beta titles I'm sure this will become very popular. Make sure you read the FAQ below.   Steam FAQ
  9. Steam

    Graphics cards enthusiasts community - now on Steam! JOIN Steam Group This is assassino's idea but wanted to make sure the name was not taken and took it upon myself to initially set it up. WhyCry and ZoSo are now moderators Change Log Dec 29th 2012 - (SMiThaYe) Changed title and description to "The Official Community" - "Welcome to the Official VideoCardz enthusiast Community." Dec 28th 2012 - (SMiThaYe) Both WhyCry and ZoSo are moderating the new VideoCardz Group.