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  1. Driveclub by far the best looking racer on any platform, even now.
  2. The newer the card, eg stock AMD or Nvidia cards, less chance of being binned. The older the card, eg lots of AIB variants, higher chance of binning. For example, AMD 5870, 7970 AND 290X on launch, you could buy a 5850, 7950, 290 respectively and unlock a large % to be a full highest end card. It is your best chance to get a card that will be a great overclocker, provided you watercool as stock cooling generally sucks. Longer you leave it, even with stock cards, more chance you will get a binned, locked, lower clocking card, as they will be split into more and more segments by AIBs who will charge a premium for the extra overhead. (and will come with better coolers)
  3. Some sweet deals right now on the RX 480. Going by the assumption the 580 is just a higher clocked 480, I'd be tempted to pull the trigger on the 480.
  4. March, apparently