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  1. XFX is an excellent card maker I own one of their R9 295X2 cards wow that thing is truly amazing super fast card it will play any game at max settings @ 1440p with ease, effortly very pleased with this card..enjoy
  2. Yes Front + top + left & right and the back of the case, I using the other 2 rads in other builds. My new build 7700K will be a custom H2O build as well, I will post pics when I have all the gear..enjoy
  3. Awesome the 900d is what i'm using that case is huge I currently have 3 rads but had 5 rads in it, a very cool case for the enthusiast..enjoy
  4. A March 5th release date awesome news did you also notice the price 699. wow that's great can't wait to get my hands on this card..
  5. Well finally we have the word that the 1080 ti is coming soon it's been rumoured that the GTX 1080 ti will make it's appearance @ PAX in Boston on March 10, let's hope it's not too high priced cuz I want one..enjoy
  6. Awesome thanks..
  7. Thanks great to know..
  8. A lot of people who are members of the trade post on this forum's board, and your expertise in video cards would be of value there are lot of gamers and builders here. In a manor of speaking you would be promoting your site..enjoy
  9. I think your board is great, so my suggestion to it's owners who want to build it's member base is this, I'm also a member over on head-fi.org so post in it's video games discussion forum as of course a member of the trade. They have millions of members, discuss the importance of video cards in great gaming builds or whatever you deem needed, just my suggestion. I'm a retired webmaster, web architect, site author, website admin, site coordinator & no I don't want any work..enjoy and good luck
  10. Any of you guys heard when we might be getting the release date of the Nvidia 1080 ti's that's all I'm waiting for to begin my new build..enjoy
  11. Correction it's not the 960 evo pro i'm getting it's the plain evo 960 500mb. and I just got it today this thing is tiny can't wait for my new build to get underway I'll post some pics when I get everything ..enjoy
  12. Wow is right that is a great deal..enjoy
  13. I'll be using this m.2 in my new build the 512..
  14. Cool and thanks for the info.. sli 780..Thank you & enjoy
  15. Keep in mind this game ( with really great mods) is getting a little older but it's also kown worth knowing, that much of the content is unequivocally geared for adult audiences. And even then it will not be for all tastes. Grand Theft Auto V puts players in the roles of criminals who show little remorse for their evil actions, and often even take pleasure in them. It's a dark fantasy with the potential to prove immense fun for those who are mature enough to properly appreciate its adult humor and able to clearly distinguish between right and wrong. It is not a game for younger players with developing psychologies. This game is on my list of must have games and sometimes one can get it for a song off steam..enjoy note wonder why my fonts changed don't know what I did..