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  1. PRICE..... LG optimus G : ₩999,990 / LG Google nexus4: ₩400,000...
  2. omg.... Cleary, Everyone know that LG and Samsung are Korea manufactures, but two companies will not sell Google Nexus 4 Smart Phone and Nexus 10 Tablet PC in Korea. I don't understand about it... I think that two companies worried about their lastest smart devices will not sold. but, LG and Samsung are Korean! WTH....
  3. @WhyCry tistory.com is a kind of blogging site. Gloves are good at assembling that. My card's name is GTX 670 iGame White Shark. (Our country(Korea) doesn't have Arex-X and iGame Shark Bionic) @SMiThaYe Yes... this card is so big... Google translate is better than this post?
  4. http://cfile10.uf.ti...7507EABA41272C6 the box. http://cfile10.uf.ti...7507EABA504B3E1 back of the box. http://cfile22.uf.ti...7507EABA927CDFB side of the box. http://cfile4.uf.tis...7507EABAC171974 in box http://cfile29.uf.ti...7507EABAE366907 Contents : User guide, CD, Auxillary power Connecter, Unknown pocket, DVI-RGB gender, Grapic Card. http://cfile21.uf.ti...7507EABB0064761 Unknown pocket has gloves, cavle ties and else. http://cfile10.uf.ti...7507EABB123F219 Colorful GTX 670 iGame! http://cfile4.uf.tis...D507EABB315E901 sealing. http://cfile25.uf.ti...D507EABB41FBBDE unboxing. you can see the heatpipes.. http://cfile8.uf.tis...D507EABB629612C it has five nikel plated copper heatpipes. http://cfile1.uf.tis...D507EABB80441B6 Output : Dual Link DVI, HDMI, DP and OC button http://cfile29.uf.ti...D507EABB92D5176 back of the GTX 670 iGame. http://cfile26.uf.ti...D507EABBB1BCF63 installation http://cfile4.uf.tis...D507EABBD0EA8EE it has cuty LED. http://cfile8.uf.tis...B507EABBF323965 Next time I will benchmark vs. GTX 560Ti 448 http://cfile10.uf.ti...7507EB24A19ECF4 the spec of the Colorful GTX 670 iGame Go to Vol.1[←] l [→] Go to Vol.2 Original Source : http://daedu4it.tistory.com/437
  5. i bought it the lowest price / almost $ 490 (including tax)... so expensive. because Colorful Korea has few stocks. China doesn't produce well...
  6. Saldy.. It model is normal.
  7. Sadly, the cheapest HD 7970 in Korea... almost 430eur :( :(
  8. PALIT colorful zotac asus gigabyte kfa2 leadtech emtek shapire xfx powercolor EVGA galaxy zalman HIS inno3D MSI VTX3D AFOX and...
  9. But thanks for advice.: )
  10. Hmm. Asus vgas are too expensive, and gigabyte`s after service center which 제이씨현 is bad in korea. And ASUS cheat vga price in Korea.
  12. i consider that. thanks a lot! :D :D
  13. VCF Fighting~! :)