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  1. I have the same question...I'm also hoping to play this Game ...Is this worth playing? :)
  2. Great Rig Dude. Aerocool Xpredator White + iGame White Shark.. :)
  3. Great Card For A White,Or A Black And White Case....
  4. 96GB Is OK For a Workstation,Some Guys Use 64GB For Their PCs.. :)
  5. Yes. ASUS Will Release It When 690s Are Settled.Then It'll Be The King of All Graphic Cards
  6. That's a Beast ,With Two Xeon E5 2660....For Me The Only Con Of That rig is Graphic Cards Are Not Water Cooled,Just Reference Cards,I Thinks That's Why He's Doing a Raffle.. :D
  7. If You Are Considering AMD,I Think You Should Wait ,AMD Is dropping Their Prices Heavily ,In a Month or So You'll be Able Buy a 7970 For Your Price ...
  8. Great card Dude. Many GTX 670 Are Around $400,How Much Did This Cost? :)
  9. This Guy Is Also Good,Tinytomlogan TimeToLiveCustoms
  10. Gotta Agree.. Better to Go With AMD This Time....... :)
  11. Who Knows What Will Be regulated Next.... No Overclocking In EU? :lol:
  12. AMD Has To Change Their Theme From "The Future Is Fusion" To "Will There Be A Future" :(