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  1. Awesome stuff and great to see DX12 on Windows 10 will be capturable. I was expecting to have to wait a good while before that happened. Thanks for the info
  2. Yes, I own PCars as well and I much prefer that, as it suits my arcasey style of racing, although it does also configure to be a very good sim racer as well. Oddly enough, here is a review I did for it Ohhh and that drive club looks amazing.
  3. Thanks Dirt Rally is great but tough and needs some dedication to get good.
  4. I am not so much a typer and more of a talker, so I tend to do video reviews (plus I really enjoy doing them). I hope you don't mind me putting my review here?
  5. Newbuild

    I am on the 353.38 bud. I thought it worked fine with earlier drivers but since a couple of months (maybe a little more), it was basically just red or white being shown, even though it was working with ULMB? Quite a few I know use ULMB for competitive gaming, so I will jump onto TS this evening and see what they say.
  6. Yer, it is a possibility but I can't see it ever happening.
  7. Spot on. If I pull the cables out of the card and switch off the lanes, the pump and fan still spin on the card not being used, so there is still power going through the lanes, which is odd but not recognised in the BIOS or device manager.
  8. It was my local Golf clubs Centenary year, so we had a black tie dinner with guest speakers Dennis and Peter, with a draw the following day for who played with who and I was lucky enough to get drawn against Dennis. Both were great company and both had some great stories to tell and Dennis cracked jokes round the course all day. I was so hungover as well As for tech, I have never really grown up and have always switched between the 2 but never run the two together
  9. Thanks for the welcome As for the rest of my system, it is a 3930K which I run at 4.4Ghz for gaming and 5Ghz for benching. I run a RIVF Mobo, an EVGA 1300W G2 PSU, 16GB Avexir Ram (2133Mhz running at 2333Mhz). I run an Asus ROG Swift monitor and the CPU and normally GPUs are custom water cooled. I have both cards plugged into 16x PCI-E Gen 3 slots and switch lanes depending on what card to run at the time. I did this for no other reason than to run completely fair and complete apples to apples recordings (using an Avermedia LGP Lite capture card). This puts a halt to all the nonsense benches we see at times and shows exactly what is what. The beauty of the capture card is it doesn't hit performance at all. In my pic, I am the middle chap and the guy on my right shoulder is Dennis Taylor (famous Snooker player) and on my left shoulder is Peter Shilton (famous England goal keeper). I played against Dennis Taylor in a golf competition and kicked his butt As for cats, my cat is 12 years old and he was dumped in a box as a kitten. My daughters found him and a brother and asked if we could keep him, whilst their friend kept the other. I reluctantly agreed, as I have always been a dog person and me and me and the cat have a mutual understanding that he ignores me and I ignore him. We both like it that way and we get along very well like this.
  10. Newbuild

    The way Nvidia have changed the G-Sync running lights has annoyed a fair few people and as much as Nvidia say it is designed this way, I feel it is more of a bug and they should sort it out. The only thing I do is set 120Hz for desktop and when I am benching, I switch G-Sync off (light goes white) via the NCP and off I go and then switch G-Sync back on and it goes red again for when I am gaming.
  11. Hi Guys, I am a long time reader of Videocardz and find the site very clued up on new tech and pretty accurate when it comes to leaks, so I thought it about time I came and signed up. Whycry comes across as a decent chap and I respect him for his honesty and integrity I am a 45 year old (nearly) gamer who is married for 21 years and I have 2 daughters, 2 dogs and a cat (the cat dislikes me and I dislike the cat). I work on a port and drive everything from high capacity ship to shore cranes, reachstackers, 42ton forklifts, tugmasters and several other toys. I am a massive hardware fan and a very keen Youtuber. My main knowledge is mainly GPUs and I am currently running a Titan X and a Fury X in the same machine. I like to do reviews for pretty much any and everything and I have recently been running some side by side comparison video's between the FX and TX with game footage and frame rates. Anyways, Gregster Reviews is my youtube channel, so give that a look if you are interested or don't if you are not That is me in a nutshell.... Ohhh and I am a bit of a drunk when I am not at work and the weekend is here.