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  1. Hi , i upload a screenshot of the realbench , everytime you try you get different results ? Regards
  2. AM not home right now, but i believe that Idle am hitting 35 and when using stress test am hitting 65 more or less. I will check once home BTW what software do you guys use for bench/test ?. So far i used : Cinebench r15 Geekbench 4 Pi 3dmark firestrike Intel extreme tune Adia 64 only stability test overnight Prime I use stock settings on the gpus due to the heat, so i do little stress test from them
  3. The way i setup is just temporary, so that i can play and watch my fav movies before i go for duties again. But when i come back, i will throw the rigid tubes to the bin, i do not trust them that much TBH, it was not that fun to bend in the first place. You have a good point, i will move the case behind the monitor. BTW smith, my fan controller is just fantastic, when i do basic stuff like browsing / movies etc.. the fans goes down to 30% or so and its quiet , when playing it goes up to 40 -50%. The fillport is/was on top of the res, when i finished filling the res, i just put back the stop. So far am happy as long as i can play what i want without issues
  4. I really did want , but the one i willing to buy was on backorder , so i didnt feel like waiting as i already had 2 ssd at home. But when i finish my next cruise ,i will add one and also put those GPU under water ... too damn hot atm 5 Rad ? really , one was at the rear ?
  5. Better late than never they say
  6. Hi , ive just want to share the final picture , its been 3 yrs now since i update . hehe , more like 1080 the mini buildlog in pic :
  7. Newbuild

    Wow smith with msi in this rig O__O
  8. Newbuild

    How is the gaming with the monitor ? :))
  9. Very nice build . I love when rig doesnt have a lot of cables as it look like a spaghetti plate to me .
  10. 980 TI price is a bit spicy IMO !
  11. Hi Shinobi84, welcome to VC forum !
  12. Trying to fool the god of leaks ?
  13. its been like , i wake up and go play till lunch , then get ready for work ,then reach home some hours later ,go play again . Thats my daily stuff atm lol. BTW , the shout box is no more ? Regards
  14. Hi peeps , I'ts been a decade since i come to VC , i'm under the effect of a drug called dota2 ( 408 hours of gaming so far ) . WC change the forum quite a bit, still looks amazing !. Anyway , i just hope that i would be able to visit more often like i used to do haha and keep up the hardwork guys Regards.
  15. Steam

    Thanks for the tips !