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  1. so much rumors, so little rum. But rest assure the GTX 780 will outperforms the HD 8970 about ~ 15 % more or less. It's been a tradition for the past 7 years. Unless one of the companies takes an arrow in the knee.
  2. Having read this and i realized how lucky i am living in the US. Plus i don't have to pay the electricity bill though. :D
  3. If NV launches the fully enable monster godzilla GK110, there is no room for Maxwell. If there is an actually fully enable consumer version of GK110, the Maswell architecture must be holy sh!t poweful. But i don't think it's gonna happen since the console games's dominance still presents. the era of Crysis game-alike still no where to be seen. PC gaming is dead! ( this's my opinion )
  4. I think this is not a good but a necessary move by AMD, no body wants to fire some one ( except Donald Trump and Steve "Blow" Jobs ). AMD has been using a automatic design model for few years so letting those people go is a good move to save the company. But this "automatic design model" contributes for Bulldozer's "success". Who knows AMD will be in the future... Where is your Krytonite now, AMD ??
  5. Welcome to VCF Optimis0r. Hope you will have a nice time here.
  6. This is complete marketing BS. Never trust an advertisement or what ever it is NV or AMD trying to pull off
  7. Welcome. Hope you will have a good time here at VCF.
  8. I've just erased the entire work before clicking the "post new topic" including the lengthy and hilarious introduction. Darn it! First, go to http://www.speedydrive.net/, download the software. Then go to http://10minutemail....Mail/index.html and copy the e-mail address. Please note that this e-mail will expire after 10 minutes. Run the program, click the "Register" button then put your desire name in the first field, the e-mail u just got in the second field. Go to again and check your messages section, if you don't see anything new, wait for 1 minute and eventually you will see it. Click on the message and you will see a username and a password. Go to http://speedyshare.com/ and enter the username and the pass word you received. Click "Remote Downloader" button and paste you desire link the the blank section. Finally, enjoy ! WARNING : After 1 day, the account will expire and you will have to do the whole process all over again. WARN|ING NO.2 : After certain times, the Speedy program will not let you register anymore. You will have to get a username and password for http://speedyshare.com/ by another means. That's when someone else will come in and have you to get them.
  9. A little bird told me that my lucky number is 69. I've always wondered why is that ?
  10. Yes, the game is the combination of Assassin creeds and Skyrim.
  11. Yay, Dishonored is out!
  12. Yea, Logan is awesome. But he got into some kind of lawsuit some how. Anybody remember this ?
  13. Personally, i will never buy a card from Inno 3D or Sparkle. They have of history of cutting of the board components.
  14. gtx 650 ti

    Actually, NV made a good move since a lots of idiots believe when a card gets the name of GTX and Ti, it would be a good card. The GTX 650Ti performs 30% less than the HD 7850 1Gb version at the same price point. But peopple still buy it. And that's conclude tonight show of "How NV PR departments made stupid consumer more stupid".
  15. ^ Yea. Vertex 4 is simply fast and reliable.