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  1. 5 years of warranty is really good. I wasn't expecting that you are still covered by warranty at this point. I don't think overclocking is a problem, otherwise Sapphire would not offer TRIXX software for this very purpose. Also, I would be surprised if they still had a replacement. Gaming Hawaii is EOL.
  2. Have you tried booting with integrated GPU or with secondary GPU to see if the 390 is even detected in the system? Such errors are either very easy to fix or your card is simply dead. Maybe there's a problem with the power cable from PSU? You can try removing the cooler and looking for blown capacitors, any spots something could've burned etc. Maybe it has dual-BIOS so you can see if the primary got corrupted? Just throwing ideas. BTW I wonder how Vega will perform in R6 Siege
  3. Nice, do you have any pics? I remember Voodoo era quite well, but I never had the opportunity to use any of those cards. Most DOS games were running just fine without any accelerator. The first game ever to give me a low framerate was Destruction Derby 2.
  4. Depends on the resolution, both cards will do just fine at 1080p, but the higher the ingame settings the more likely you will hit the vram limit on 1060. From these two I would take 570 4GB.
  5. FreeSync is a nice technology, but you should base your decision on raw performance rather than what features it has. For this resolution, all these cards should provide you the best possible framerate. If your monitor is 60-75 Hz, then you will hardly see a difference when using VSYNC or FreeSync. Either way, wait for benchmarks, it's way too early to say how fast is Vega.
  6. Did you try to overclock it?
  7. There is no evidence that 580 will be better in any other way. Of course it will be cheaper then, but there are many shops which are already out of stock of 400 series and they won't have any more cards. As far as I know, the difference between 580 and 480 prices at launch won't be high, so if you are not in the rush, just wait those two weeks for more information.
  8. 580 is basically rebranded 480 with higher clocks. Most RX580 will run at 1350-1400 MHz, which is achievable for most 480s. 480 is currently available at a good price, so I would suggest 480. Of course, if you are planning to sell it later, it would better to buy 580 instead, because it will be worth more after a year. Of course nothing is stopping you from waiting 2 weeks for 580 launch, then make your decision based on existing reviews, but it may be harder to find a good deal on 480 then.
  9. 940mx

    It's a strange configuration tbh. Top of the line Kaby Lake and ancient maxwell 940mx.. Hopefully you are not planning to play games on that machine.
  10. 940mx

    There is not enough information to give you a straight answer. I would contact Dell to be sure. Also its seems you already asked this question on other forums and you were given the same advice http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-3368169/dell-latitude-5580-gtx-940mx-2gb-64bit-ddr3-gddr5.html
  11. It's not a benchmark, it's stability tester
  12. For overall stability, I recommend ASUS RealBench https://rog.asus.com/articles/news/realbench-v2-43-new-version-available-now/
  13. Out of curiosity, what CPU temperatures are we talking about here? My 6800K won't go above 4.3 GHz with 1.35V.. Staying at 4.2 for stability. I have very low RPM for AIO cooler, temperature is 40C idle and 55C under load.
  14. You really did make an upgrade Case : Corsair Obsidian 900D CPU : i7-6850K clocked @ 4.5hz 1.31v 24/7 RAM : G.Skill 8 x 8Gb 3200hz MB : Asus Rampage v Edition 10 GPU : 2 x EVGA Gtx 1080 FTW ( stock ) SSD : 2 x Samsung 250 pro 256Gb HDD : 2 x HGST Travelstar 7K1000 1TB PSU : Seasonic Platinum 1000w Monitor : Samsung S27A950D Keyboard : Corsair K 95 RGB Mechanical Mouse : Corsair M65 Vengeance best rig from all of us right now. I'm only surprised you didn't buy any M.2 SSD. It's few times faster than Sata drive.
  15. Radeon RX 460 is x8 by default. Most cards use only half of the pins on PCI slot. Your card, however, has all the pins, so it should support x16. But should you be worried? No, it changes nothing in terms of performance, this card can't utilize the bandwidth of the PCIE slot anyway.