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  1. Well I'm up & running for 5 days now no issues at all so far. I've got my cpu ratio at 46 vcore 1.265 and temps are at idle 19-20C. when gaming or benching 56-58. Really impressed with this board I know a lot of people were talking about how unstable the R4BE is but I don't see that in any way. I believe Asus has done a very good job with this board, It is the best mobo that I've ever owned. I can also report that the kingpins are everything evga has said about them to be true, I have not yet changed the bios on the cards but I will soon.
  2. I know this is a late post but if I didn't say it already, dude I really like the white & black color of you're 900d only wish I'd thought if it..
  3. I'm not really into using beta drivers but this time I did and have had no issues what so ever, I've had performance increases in gaming and benching and no heating issues at all awesome. Very happy that I tried these drivers thought I was going to be stuck with 331.82 forever..
  4. Thanks I received my parts the other day. Today I'll be leak testing and if all goes well my new rig will be setting under my desk this Sunday. I'll also post some pics before I'm done It's been long enough. Very anxious to see how this rig performs.
  5. I just received an email my o-rings were shipped out today awesome hopefully this time next week things will be up & running..
  6. I have the corsair h80i on another rig I have and the stock fans are a little on the loud side but that's only when I oc..
  7. If you've got a second pair of hands to help that would make all the difference I don't have that so sometimes mistakes happen. I use just a little vaseline to hold the o-rings in place ( I have done this for many years in automotive air conditioning always oil your o-rings. A pc's cooling system is very much the same as your car's cooling system the only difference is size. ) If the o-rings falls out of place it will pinch between the terminal and the water block which in turn will damage the o-ring and cause a leak, not a fun thing to happen..
  8. I use the EK-FC Terminal triple serial to connect my 2 water blocks together and the EK-FC terminal blank is used to cover the unused slot they are sealed with 6 o-rings, The o-ring that I damaged is one on the EK-FC Terminal blank which sets in the center. http://forums.videocardz.com/uploads/monthly_03_2014/post-441-0-73238400-1395503445.png
  9. Well this is an update on my build so far, I haven't had much time to work on the rig for the past 2 weeks due to work. So yesterday (firday) I had time to install the ek-fc block to my vga's, and then I begain leak testing I noticed that the fc block was leaking so I removed the block and saw that I damaged one of the o-rings, of course no one in the town I live in has any 0-ring that size so today I ordered them from frozencpu they were out of stock and hopefully I'll have the part in 2 or 3 weeks hope this is not a sign of things to come. Talk about bad luck as you all know very well builds like this take a lot of time simply because of the cost of things. This is not a welcome delay, I can report that my swiftech mpc35x2 pump is really quiet. I'll post back when my leak test is complete no leaks I hope..
  10. I haven't changed drivers since 331.82, I get most of my driver info over at the geforce board and the last 2 driver releases have had many problems. If you check that site out you'll see many hundreds & hundreds of complaints from heating, bsod, sli issues, flickering textures the list just goes on & on plus I really don't see the need to update vga drivers so often, I know they always say it's optimized for this or that game but really it's not. Some drivers I've used can cause the vga to run very hot when oced. my cards cost too much $$ to have a poorly coded driver cause a failure..
  11. what resolution is this running at ?
  12. This driver is causing many issues right now I'll be sticking with 331.82
  13. Thanks I will be seeing just how far they will go. Only have a few more things to get and I'm done maybe 8 or so days..
  14. I hope to oc them to the max only have a few more fitting to order and I'll be done. Thanks again I'll also change my gpu profile..