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  1. Newbuild

    Wow smith with msi in this rig O__O
  2. Newbuild

    How is the gaming with the monitor ? :))
  3. Very nice build . I love when rig doesnt have a lot of cables as it look like a spaghetti plate to me .
  4. 980 TI price is a bit spicy IMO !
  5. Steam

    Thanks for the tips !
  6. Yep nice rig indeed
  7. One of my favorite games ! . even if i havent been able to finish it lol
  8. Thanks for the input . If i get i right , the sweet spot of DDR4 sits between 2133MHz - 2800MHz , Higher speed means not stable ?   regards
  9. You got some pretty nice score there . If you got some link for " good" review please share them here Regards
  10. Newbuild

    Great pic smith . After reading what happen with you board , i guess i'll have to buy mine locally , but i will only have asrock and i do hate this brand even if asus and asrock was originally one company . The RMA thing sure is another source of stress and put your project build in pause . Anyway i hope that beside the board , everything is working/ going fine . Keep up the hard work. Regards.
  11. I know , its been ages since i make an update sorry about that , but things are going slowly here as i need to find the right materials etc etc .. Anyway here is my lightbox , but its still on early stage and few tweaks will be make in the upcoming weeks but the main aspect will remains same. Also i will cut a " water-channel " through the lightbox but i will have to wait till the release of my hardware to complete this part. Also my last packages , containing all the fittings i will be using at least i hope that i will not have to buy anything else Regards
  12. Newbuild

    Hi again , IF you go this route " top rad > CPU inlet > CPU outlet > mosfet left > mosfet right > chipset right > chipset left > GPU " will it not affect the temps ? , base on only logic , the coolant might be hotter when it goes through the CPU block >mosfet then to the GPU , i mean the coolant will not be as cool as it should be when it go through a radiator , if you see what i mean. A small review about the kryos back from 2013 : Regards
  13. Newbuild

    Hi smith , I hope that you fix the temp issue , but sorry i dont like your new loop , especially the curved " C " tube :/ . I dont know if it is better than the EK elite , but for that price this CPU block might be excellent lol. Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos XT Series - .925 Silver Edition - Socket LGA 2011 Price: $309.99 Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos XT Series - Nickel Plated - Socket LGA 2011 Price: $94.99 TBH , your pictures are stunning with the camera you have now . BTW we are still waiting for final pic Regards.
  14. we need more pictures !!!