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  2. Eliminated do to a unauthorized source of information
  3. Thank you my dear friend for your concern regarding GeForce Experience. But I have to wait until my gaming computer are raped up and ready to go. I will let you know when that time comes, I promice mates. Love, WOLF.
  4. Our life begins to end the day we become silent about things that matter - MLK

  5. Thank you mate! It feels good to have your watchful eye over me. As you already know, anything can happen when the old man Wolf is in the contexts of VideoCardz forum. Thanks you again my friend. Regards, WOLF.
  6. Sorry for not use the "Like" button as much as I should. That has nothing to do with all the nice posts and their creators! Oh no! In this case I'm the responsible scoundrel do to my poor memory. Then I'm not talking about the memory of my computer that in every respect exceeds my constant downward physical memory. I simply have to bow my head and embrace the course of nature towards the constant dwindling memory capacity of mine. So please, jus bare with me in the way...

  7. That old Swedish wanker (oops) Wolf never gives up Well this time I have something that even the old ASUS ROG Freak Wolf had to look twice on The thing is that EVGA has come out with a EVGA GeForce GTX 980 HYBRID Graphic Card, Iif that was not enough EVGA even have come up with a complete HYBRID Water Cooler (AIO) Kit for EVGA GTX 980 so for those out there that already purchased the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Graphic Card wipe your tears and get out to grab one or two (SLI). So no drilling, adjustment or mental brake down. Wish you all the luck in whatever conclusion you come up to! Regards to you all mates. / WOLF
  8. G'Day Mates. Long Time No Hear - But do not dispare, the old man Wolf is still live and kicking. Samsung To Allegedly Acquire AMD To Compete With Intel And Qualcomm Head On. Best Regards, WOLF.
  9. G'Day Mates As a recommendation of my own experience, in the way that many have the issues with too many folders of the same content spread all around the computer's SSD & HDD, I come up with a standard name system for the folders as the following example shows "SSD-Z 15.03.15b [2015-03-21] - FreeWare". In this way, if I accidently should take down the same files twice, it write over the present folder and files since I use this standardized structure and the original name on the files. The date in the folder name is mostly the date that the software version was released. In cases you can't find a date, use the date you downloaded the software. As in this case you see I use "FreeWare" in the end and that has to do with I take down all those useful and good freeware’s I found and sometime I go for a raid by looking for software updates. So the "FreeWare" marking make me know the contents status as in those cases. What I forgot to mention is that also use Web2PDF Converter in the way I convert the software information in to a PDF just for some additional information. There are other ways to collect the contents information, so just use the way that suits your needs. Sometime I need to write some reminder what the folder contains since in some cases the content is new to me and the name does not reveal much. Then I write it in short informative words just after the version of the content as the following example shows "Piriform Speccy 1.28.709 System Info Tool [2015-01-23] - FreeWare". If you have any questions in the subject, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. When it comes to other kind of files like drives or any kind of software’s, I use the same system without the "FreeWare" label as the following example shows "Corsair Link Installer RC 3.1.5525 [2015-03-18]". Every folder are placed under its own category in line of its content, like PROGRAM, GAMES, MOVIES etc. I always use capital letters in the name of the main folders to distinguish them against all subfolders. Good luck with what ever way YOU are most comfortable with. Regards, WOLF
  10. Thank you WhyCry for your concern. I am pleased to read about your (VC) free way to view and operate things in the best Interests of the members in VideoCardz forum. During this short time the VC, I have virtually lacked one thing, and that is the possibility of some kind of spell checking. Unfortunately, I am completely ignorant of HTML or whatever is used to create websites these days. This much I know it's about scripts when it comes to online gaming and its servers where server owners create auto-action via scripts according to their server rules. So maybe there is something similar in terms of correct spelling "scripts". I do have to emphasize that I am not completely novice in terms of the English language, but as in my own language Swedish, spelling rules something I've to struggled with all my life. By the way, no worries, I will be around to make my voice heard in VideoCardz whether in terms of support, links or one or another point of view. Wish you the best of all with VideoCardz. PS. In case you would like to hear your "sweet voice", please do not hesitate to contact me via Skype during the twp-Wolf / Wolf Bengt Johansson. Send me a personal message in the VC first so I know you are planning to go into Skype a little chat. Regards, WOLF
  11. Yes you are so right WhyCry, Unfortunately, there are too many people who totally lack self-awareness and dignity which often leads to totally let themselves be guided by their emotions. That's what we classify as when "emotions controls intellect" here in Sweden. You are absolutely right and do exactly as I do, turn the back on them as I think not even worth wasting energy on. I know because I used the exact same method when I discovered that my own mother was not the strong and caring person that I hoped for and wished her to be in a situation where she condemned me and by that took the side of my half-siblings, as I was constantly exposed to. So according to me she exists no more than physically, but thankfully not in my world. I rather live alone alena than with narrow minded condemnatory and conceited people. I will not refer to "G3D" more. Is there anyone else I should know not to mention you are welcome to convey it to me. Regards, WOLF. PS.Thank you for those words WhyCry. They did more good then you ever imagen mate. Regards, WOLF.
  12. OK! Good to know and sorry for not pressent the hotest news even though I try to be a caring person with others in mind. No more Guru3D! Got it. / WOLF
  13. G'day Mates. Just for the knowledge, aezay.dk have come out with a new software by the name of SSD-Z for those that are interested. The reason for my sporadic post regarding various computer hardware and software links are exclusively for the knowledge for each and everyone that are interested to take part of. It has nothing to do in the way that I try to compete with VideoCardz or uplift my own personal status in any way. I'm just simple old (60) generous handymen that like to share as in this case, computer related knowledge for everyone to enjoy on their own free will. Until next time, take good care of you. Regards, WOLF
  14. G'Day Mates I went for the Swedish Fractal Design Kelvin S36 Highly Expandable AIO Liquid CPU Cooler System (FD-WCU-KELVIN-S36-BK) that are made in collaboration with Alphacool. Before that I used the Corsair Hydro Series H100i Extreme Performance AIO Liquid CPU Cooler as I installed in my backup gaming computer since I build a new one. TweakTown 7 Pages Review - Fractal Design Kelvin S36 AIO CPU Cooler. OverClock 3D 8 Pages Review - Fractal Design Kelvin S36 AIO CPU Cooler. KitGuru All Pages Review - Fractal Design Kelvin S36 AIO CPU Cooler. Regards, WOLF
  15. G'Day Mates. Got some news from Swedish Nordic Hardware that might be interested to read. Nvidia Scraps PCI Express - Provides 8-Way SLI with Pascal and NVLink. The page via the link is already translated from Swedish to English, hope it works as it ment to do. Swedish Nordic Hardware are very reliable and good. So if you have time and the need take a good look at their on-going harware tests / reviews as you see in blue on the right side of their web page via the link here below. Swedish Nordic Hardware (translated). Regards, WOLF