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  1. Good card, how are the temps?
  2. You should use Display Driver Uninstaller and clean your system from older drivers. Then download the latest driver for notebooks and try to install it again. If that doesn't help, then 940MX in MI Air may have a different Device ID, therefore it's not being detected. Try using driver from XIAOMI http://cdn.fds.api.xiaomi.com/b2c-webfile/service/download/r13/VGA_nVidia_v10.18.13.5954.zip http://en.miui.com/thread-318018-1-1.html
  3. Hi thanks for submitting your finding. This model has VR Link, with two additional HDMI ports on the back Real photo
  4. At the time when I was testing 1060 3GB I was playing on 1440p monitor, just like you, and 1060 3GB was simply not enough to handle higher resolution textures. I would recommend getting 6GB version, but since you've already bought one, then I guess you have no choice now
  5. Well in that case, 1060 is better 1060 6GB is more than enough for 1440p medium/high settings in most games, at least I had no performance issues myself. Next year you can start thinking about triple 1440p or 21:9 gaming and of course new GPUs
  6. If you still have 980 TI SLI as you said, then I would find it strange to upgrade from 980 ti SLI to 1060.. Just wait for pascal refresh (the 1080Ti) and spend your money on something that is worth the penny.
  7. Where did you get this date from? No one knows when it launches exactly. One could guess we get a preview later this year, maybe a paper launch of some sort, but nothing concrete I'm afraid.
  8. Of course. Architectural launches are always very interesting, but we all know how NVIDIA is launching their cards (arc & arc refresh). GTX 1080 is an awesome card, but everyone knows they are preparing GTX 1080 Ti or GTX 2080 at this point. Even GP102 is no secret anymore. I think there are three possibilities: NVIDIA launches GTX 1080 Ti first NVIDIA will wait for Vega to adjust price and performance of 1080 Ti NVIDIA will wait few months after Vega to launch GTX 2080 GP102 and GP104 refresh. Basically if 1080 Ti comes first, then I'm certain Vega is slower than 1080 Ti, why? Because NVIDIA has no reason to launch anything affordable based on GP102 right now. GTX 1080 sales are doing great and there's no competition from AMD.
  9. Glad you found your card, that's a good choice, but I'm surprised to hear it has a coil whine. I would expect better quality from the most expensive MSI series... I've been using 1060 6GB for about a month, and I can honestly say it's more than enough for 1080p gaming (I wouldn't say the same thing about 3GB model though).
  10. Thanks for posting, this is most likely Chinese version of GTX 1050 Ti.
  11. HI Maikisvk. I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. Are you concerned that you need DVI cable connected in order to HDMI to work? If that's what you're asking, then no. GPU will detect the first compatible monitor, no matter if that's DVI od HDMI or DisplayPort. If you are using multiple monitors, then DVI will likely have the priority over HDMI and DP, at least that's what usually happens with my monitors. Some Radeons will duplicate the screen on all connected monitors during boot (so you will be seeing boot info on all your monitors), some will just power the first monitor, then connect them in Windows, it depends on the model.
  12. Steam

    I don't remember the last time I played GTA5 BTW Redux is using stolen settings from other mods.
  13. Just some pictures that were not posted anywhere yet. 960 EVO 960 PRO
  14. RX 480 is generally hard to get, but I wouldn't settle with RX 470. It's a good card, but at this point I would grab 1060 3GB. Don't rush buying anything that is just available. Give it a good thought, and grab the card that you find the best looking (I mean really, there's not much difference between high-end cards these days). If you're going to play newer games (especially those with DX12) then RX480 will be better card for you. Otherwise, 1060 6GB is the way to go.
  15. MSI card is really interesting choice, but you need to know that it's really cheap quality. It lacks few features from more high-end cards like 0dB tech, memory cooling pads etc. Still, it's a good choice for casual gaming. Now.. are 8GB really necessary. I think it's a waste of money for 1080p screen. I would probably not recommend 3GB 1060, but 6GB should be enough. I didn't test 4GB RX480, but from what I know it should be just slightly slower than 8GB. The only problem is that those cards are hard to get. If I were you, I would wait for DX12 benchmarks of Deus Ex. Patch should be released soon, and you will get better idea what to expect from Polaris with DX12 in this game.