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    • Smithaye you are always typing exactly what I would have typed to someone on the same subject had I read it.  This is the primary reason I don't want to do it, because these are closed loop systems meant to last 5 years or so.  Open one up and it's no longer a closed system, never exposed to the elements.  I am sure it took millions of dollars in R&D to figure out the exact mixtures and pump speeds for all of these systems to work.  I would only do it if I for some reason couldn't mount it where it currently sits or another spot in the case.  Honestly though, I'd just sell it and get one with longer tubing.  I know one reason the tubing is short is to reduce strain on the pump and also less tubing to go bad overtime as coolant is run around through day in and day out.
    • If you ever did replace the tubing, I wouldn't as they aren't meant to be accessed and contain mix of coolant and biocides that will normally last a good 2 years of solid use. PH balance needs to be exact (6.5 ~ 8.5) and rechecked every 3 months, Mayhem's do the Biocide Extreme and requires a testing kit. You could buy a litre of Mayhem's clear premix and flush every 6 -12 months without using biocide, worth considering if tubing really needs doing. Note that other makes may not protect against certain metals and cause corrosion or scaling. That backplate does look nice and you do need one but expensive for what it is. I paid £20 for my EK backplates. Note that Coldzero is very slow to get around to making most things (including replying to emails), as there is none in stock you may as well email and ask if he could do one to ship within a fortnight, a month tops - that is more than reasonable.
    • I believe these mounts will allow me to mount the radiator where it sits.  I also plan to cut vents into the back panel of the case where the fans on the radiator can pull in cool air from outside through these vents.  If anyone has a better idea let me know.   If I could pop off the tubing I would consider mounting it outside the case.   However that obviously isn't an option with a closed loop AIO.   It is a shame you can't change the tubing.   I have seen people put tubing over the tubing to change the color, but not actually replace it.  Well apparently it can be done: However I don't think it is worth the risk/effort with how good my temps are already.   Could ruin the H110 or worse lol (leak onto hardware).    Oh and Smithaye, I found some really bad ass backplates, but they are pricey due to being custom: I found two other sites selling them, but the price range are all pretty close.   Roughly $45 which is high for a backplate.  I paid $25 for the last one I bought (GTX 295 lol). 
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