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    • Version: 376.66 Beta
      Release Date: 2017.01.10
      Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
      Language: International
      Release notes: not available!
      Control Panel User's Guide: not available!   Release Highlights: Vulkan beta drivers with experimental API interop features More info about Vulkan (Official Website):  
      Supported Products: Desktop(Including Quadro Series): Notebook(Including Quadro Series:   Desktop/Notebook:  Windows 7/8/8.1  Windows 7/8/8.1  Windows 10  Windows 10
    • Here's another free game courtesy of Humble. The is 2012's DiRT Showdown and was well received, usually £9.99 and now free but only for another 29 hours! Log in or create a Humble account, head here to grab this offer, and Humble will generate a Steam key. After the checkout process has gone through, click through the links. Note: You have until Saturday, January 28th, 2017 to redeem your key - due to regional differences this could be a day either way.
    • Version: 376.60 Hotfix
      Release Date:  Tue Jan 10, 2017
      Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
      Language: International Release Highlights   This is GeForce Hot Fix driver version 376.60 that addresses the following: Battlefield 1 crash on some Kepler based GPUs Dark puddles in Battlefield 1 Random black screen in DOTA 2 Software Modules: NView: 148.03 Graphics Driver: 376.60 3D Vision Controller Driver: 369.04 3D Vision Driver: 376.60 HD Audio Driver: Miracast Virtual Audio: 376.60 Nvidia GeForce Experience: PhysX System Software: 9.16.0318 CUDA: 8.0 Supported Products: Desktop   Notebook DESKTOP / NOTEBOOK  Windows 7/8/8.1  Windows 7/8/8.1  Windows 10  Windows 10  
    • AMD Crimson ReLive Edition The Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.2 installation package contains the following: Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.2 Driver Version 16.50.2001 Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.2 WHQL Highlights Fixed Issues AMD FreeSync technology may experience performance issues with Borderless Fullscreen application support when a secondary display is attached and has dynamic content running such as video playback in a web browser or if other applications or game launchers are running on the primary screen in the background. A workaround if this issue is experienced is to minimize all other running applications that are on the primary desktop display or on non-primary extended displays. Radeon ReLive may fail to install during installation on some system configurations. Battlefield 1 may experience flashing or corruption when running in Multi GPU with Radeon RX 400 series. Instant Replay fails to enable itself after it has been turned off due to content protection. Radeon Settings may not load on system boot for some system configurations. Fixed some errors in translations for Radeon Settings and Radeon ReLive. Audio recorded by Radeon ReLive may sometimes exhibit slow motion when played back. Radeon ReLive may experience recording issues or issues toggling the Overlay/Toolbar when Frame Rate Target Control is enabled. Users are suggested to disable Frame Rate Target Control when using Radeon ReLive. Mouse cursor may stutter in recorded video when there is limited on screen activity outside of minor mouse movement. In AMD Multi GPU configurations the secondary graphics product will exit the low power state when Radeon ReLive is enabled. Radeon ReLive may sometimes not be able to take screenshots of secondary displays. Chromium may fail to utilize hybrid decode for VP9 content. DOTA 2 may experience game corruption when performing a task switch while recording with Radeon ReLive in AMD Multi GPU configurations. Radeon ReLive Overlay/Toolbar will not launch or Record when running League of Legends in Administrator Mode and Windowed Borderless Fullscreen. Long ping times may be experienced with some WiFi adapters.   Known Issues: Known Issues for Radeon ReLive   AMD Product Compatibility Compatible Operating Systems Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit version with SP1 or higher) Windows 8.1 (32 & 64-bit version) Windows 10 (32 & 64-bit version)    Crimson 16.12.2 WHQL Win 7  Crimson 16.12.2 WHQL Win 7     Crimson 16.12.2 WHQL Win 8.1     Crimson 16.12.2 WHQL Win 8.1  Crimson 16.12.2 WHQL Win 10  Crimson 16.12.2 WHQL Win 10
    • Nvidia GeForce Experience v3.2.2.49 beta Please note that if you already have GeForce Experience installed you can normally update directly via that method (restart Experience to start the automatic update if you'd already opted into the beta), otherwise update manually with the direct link provided at the end of this post. Version: Beta
      Release Date: Fri Jan 6, 2017
      Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
      Language: International
      File Size: 74.8 MB   GeForce Experience Beta Release Highlights GeForce Experience client Share your favorite broadcasts, videos, and screenshots to Facebook Broadcast games to Facebook Live at 720P Upload screenshots and Ansel 360 captures to Facebook Upload video recordings to Facebook Stream games from your PC to your TV in 4K with HDR Added support to GameStream up to 4K HDR Added rumble feedback for the newly announced SHIELD controller Added left stick controller support for OSC and keyboard navigation Added support for games purchased through Windows Games such as Gears of War 4 and Dead Rising 4 Added major improvements to pairing and connectivity Bugs fixed Fixed case where GeForce Experience installation would not resume after reboot Fixed case where GameStream services were not getting started after installing GeForce Experience with admin account and re-logging with non-admin account Fixed case where self-update installer would download the same version multiple times Fixed case where custom driver installation would not show any customization options Fixed Driver installation failure related to cases where intermediate reboot was required Fixed case where screen goes black randomly in Overwatch when Share is enabled Fixed controller and audio issues with GameStream and Watch Dogs 2 Other Various stability and performance improvements GeForce Experience
    • Another not-a-Steam deal and certainly worth grabbing. It's Mass Effect 2 courtesy of EA Origin, usually £7.99 for this standard edition and now on the house, free! Log in or create an account Head to On The House to see Mass Effect 2 Click on Get it now and add to your library Download and keep forever! Separately, there is a winter sale on Origin with up to 65% off their games and DLCs.
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