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    • SQUAD vehicles are coming & sale!
      Don't take any comments seriously, we are open to suggestions and sharing interesting news as you have. Apologies if you were offended as that was not my intention. From my pov, it's a game I know nothing about I'd want to know a bit more information from someone that has played it recently, how it compares, the learning curve, tips. Looks to encourage solid teamwork and full understanding of your environment and what you have to hand and without any of these you'll be unlikely to succeed. Glad to see hardcore gaming come back as there in itself lies the big attraction. If you come across a recent review(s) that you'd like to include to showcase Squad we'd like to check that out as I like the premise outlined in the link.
    • SQUAD vehicles are coming & sale!
      What's wrong with sharing quite a big update about a decent indie game that I like a lot? It's still in Alpha, but this game is already better than most AAA games.

      I've spent 310 hours in the game since 31st December 2015.

      Wanted to let people know now so they don't miss out on the sale if they were on the fence about it.

      Nice welcome to the forums. Thank you.
    • SQUAD vehicles are coming & sale!
      Oh, didn't know you both played it. General rule for benching is not use titles in development/updated as constancy is key for reliable data. A separate section perhaps for indie titles to showcase the visual fidelity and performance on offer across cards with disclaimer. Be interesting how it would perform Skylake/Broadwell-E systems in scaling across CPU cores/freq and what is the sweetspot for RAM as I know CPU at 3GHz versus 4.2GHz sees a dip of 18fps at 1440p in modern titles. Anyway, I decided not to play AA for some reason and unless something really grabs me I have enough to play. Not sure how big the player base is for either now, but for BF1 it will be huge with influx of COD players looking for a decent game to play soon - maybe that's a better reason to play SQUAD/AA instead
    • SQUAD vehicles are coming & sale!
      He already has it, and so do I. I was checking if this game is suitable for benchmarking. Reminds me of America's Army a lot.
    • SQUAD vehicles are coming & sale!
      If you're going to spam the internet you could have made us feel more special, we got the message Maybe Skr should try this out but surely would have know about this as it's been going for 2 years? [ change title as it was confusing ]
    • SQUAD vehicles are coming & sale!
      SQUAD - it's an alpha game mixed between Battlefield and ARMA... This will be the 1st time they're doing a discount and it's going to be 25% in the steam summer sale and end of July vehicles are coming! Over 9 months people have been playing the alpha as infantry only, this is going to be a huge game changer.  
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