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    • Around November until we know more, ie main site. Any delays would benefit AMD's increasing market share with VEGA10 launching Feb/Mar '17. Remember both AMD and Nvidia have issues with supplies, so pre-order if possible (more so with annoying store price-gauging thanks to poor regional allocations).
    • ok i wait for ti's lel!Youve an idea for when?Late year?
    • Monitor resolution? Depends mainly on if $1200 per card (ref cooler) is no big deal to you cos it is asking a lot otherwise wait, I'd still recommend on waiting for custom 1080 Ti's for better performance. My 980 Ti's performance are equivalent to an XP and did consider one but VRAM has been sufficient for 1440p, which is why I'm happy waiting for 1080 TI's. Anyway, if you're into DX12 titles note there are only about 8 (iirc) and performance has been on par with DX11, often worse than DX11 API with quirky bugs. Has to be baked into the engine than slapped on. I look at DX12 the same as W10, something I can live without
    • Hi to all, now ive a gtx970 (emergency card) i come from a sli of 980ti and i play on a rog in 1440p.Can you suggest next card/s?   i7 5820k and 16gb ddr4   regards
    • I don't remember the last time I played GTA5  BTW Redux is using stolen settings from other mods. 
    • Another round-up of Steam deals that some of you guys may already own, otherwise check out the offerings. Here are the weekend deals from Rockstar (the complete list is here), note I try to include valued-oriented packages. 2015's Grand Theft Auto V, rated 96%, -33% discount £26.79/$40.19 - store
      You can totally ignore the Great White Shark Cash Card for GTA V online as they are optional in-game currency, team up for heists and slowly build up currency that way.

      Also, you can check out GTA V Redux mod (instructions) that I recommend for OFFLINE play only. This is recommended for those familiar with modding.
        Grand Theft Auto Collection, -70% discount, consists of a very old GTA III, rated 93%, yes that game with annoying RC Toyz mission. GTA: Vice City rated 94%. A recommended GTA: San Andreas, rated 93%, due to a huge amount of fun mods or simply making it playable on modern systems. Standalone GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, features both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony that I somehow never played. The excellent GTA IV, rated 90%, if you can run ENB to improve visuals try that. Hundreds of hours of mayhem in 6 games for only £10.49/$14.99 - store.

      The deal above is far better than GTA: Complete Collection as it already includes GTA IV plus Episodes from Liberty City plus 3 other games. For reference that 'deal' that I don't recommend has 70% discount £8.99/$10.99 - store.

      For all these titles, I'd recommend a good read of each title on PCGamingWiki to implement any fixes/tweaks, more importantly, the Live disabler.
        An investigative L.A. Noire Complete Collection, rated 83%, -70% discount £7.49/$8.99 - store
        Play stealth or guns blazin' is the action-packed Max Payne 3 Complete Edition, rated 87%, -70% discount £8.09/$10.49 - store
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